SCP 4000 - The woman in the sand (By LadyAdagio

SCP 4000 (The Woman In The Sand)

Object Class - Euclid
Special Containment Procedures - SCP 4000 must be kept in a 6ft x 6ft x 7ft containment cell with no glass allowed in or in a 2ft radius outside the containment cell,the only exception is colored glass. In case of an escape attempt water is required to be filled into SCP 4000’s containment cell to at most 4ft to halt any further movement from SCP 4000. However, if the subject continues to move in an attempt to escape than the amount of water must increase to 6ft.
Although SCP 4000 can speak Arabic no personal (unless granted permission from a level 4 official) are allowed to speak to it. However, any who speak to SCP 4000 must have a grasp on basic speech etiquette so they do not offend SCP 4000.
The subject has only attempted 2 escape attempts, however, 4000 must be observed through security cameras with special colored lenses at site [REDACTED].
Description - SCP 4000 is about the size of a average sized human female (around 29 years of age). The subject is almost completely made out of sand but has small traces of unknown gem stones have been found in samples of 4000’s sand.SCP 4000 was found around the [REDACTED] desert. A nearby town had told legends of a women that lived deep in the sand dunes that would catch naughty children and pull them under the sand. Although,these stories have not been proven true. It appears to have no brain or body organs,although is can speak and write in fluent Arabic and can seem to understand proper manners as seen through her use of speech to level 4 personnel.The cell must be filled with at least 3ft of sand that can easily mix with the already present sand and gemstone mix.
SCP 4000 has been capable of using sand manipulation to lift heavy materials. However, no one is sure if SCP 4000 can actually lift things on its own. It’s intelligence is above average along with its proper etiquette and refined dialogue. However, SCP 4000 only refers to females with سيدت (my lady) and نعمتك (your grace),but SCP 4000 will normally ignore all male personnel or even go as far as to threaten any males that try to get close to her.
In addition to its capricious actions and behavior, SCP 4000 has manipulation over anything that has sand in it. It has been seen breaking glass without making any contact in an attempt to harm a male personnel. However, it cannot gain control of any colored glass due to the color content mix. Additionally, the subject seems to become still and heavy when exposed or covered in water. This effect can last up to days depending on how much water had been in the containment cell.