Lariv Shadow

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

**Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a 30 meter by 30 meter by 30 meter room, windowless and with a single door of solid metal. This room is to be unconnected to any other rooms, with a fifty meter radius area surrounding it of open air, buildingless space. One (1) Security camera will be set up in the room, trained on SCP-xxxx, to be connected to monitors elsewhere in site ██. A 20 armed guards, in addition to any scientific personnel currently studying SCP-xxxx, will remain onsite to screen for and prevent anyone from bringing any other SCP within site ██; as of writing (██-██-████), the effects of other SCP being brought under the influence of SPC-xxxx’s effect are unknown, and are not to be tested for the foreseeable future.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a 30.48cm by 30.48 centimeter square of unknown metal, believed to be ██████. when the object is placed within a building, it becomes a perfect 1\128 scale model of the building. anything within the building is replicated by SCP-xxxx, in miniature, matching the subject(s) will be extremely exact in replication, including, but not limited to:

objects behind, under or hidden from view of SCP-xxxx, but within a range of 3000 meters.
objects hidden within other objects
things replicated by SCP-xxxx.
things inside of any replication of SCP-xxxx
objects partial inside of it’s range are shown partially existing, cut off at the edge of the field.

When SCP-xxxx is inside of a damaged, or roofless building, it will either revert to it’s ‘dormant’ state, or it will replicate everything within it’s range. it is unknown how to control the objects choice in becoming dormant, or activating in large areas. more testing is required.

Addendum 1: If SCP-xxxx is touched, all actions of anything replicated within it will cease, and will stay immobile for twenty-four(24) minuets before ‘jumping’ to the miniatures current actions.

Recorded tests of SCP-xxxx:

**Test A - 04\05\19██ **

Subject: a large hollow steel orb, a small painted line within
Procedure: rolling the subject in\out of SCP-xxxx's range
Results: the subject was replicated, and the inside of the orb was clearly seen when viewed at certain angles.

Test B - 04\15\19██

Subject: D-1118-980
Procedure: D-xxxx-980 was told to do randomly chosen tasks in a sealed room, near the edge of SCP-xxxx’s range
Results: all task were viewed in real time, such as:

running in place
stapling blank paper together
burning the stapled papers
urinating in the south-western corner
extending his middle finger in the direction of the room D-1118-980 had entered
being shocked by a control collar as D-1118-980 tried to steal a weapon from a guard

Test C - 04\28\19██

Subject: a large electron microscope
Procedure: the microscope was used to view within SCP-xxxx’s interior, to look into it’s own replication

the replication showed the same movements of staff, and other attributes of SCP-xxxx, unhindered.

when the scope was aimed at it’s replicas viewpoint, and recorded using a pinhole camera, it showed the the replicas replica was able to copy movements just as well as it’s main level

Test D - 05\19\19██

Subject: D-1118-7689
Procedure: D-1118-7689 was told to try and remove his own replica from SCP-xxxx’s range
Results: the miniatures on the object froze, and D-1118-7689 was unable to move his or any other replica.

object resumed normal function 24 minutes later.

Addendum 2: SCP-xxxx is to be left in it’s containment at all times, and is to only be moved in emergencies. this thing could be used to access classified information without proper access. anyone attempting to do as such WILL be terminated.

-Dr. K██████ P██████