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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid (Keter Pending)

Special Containment Procedures: All physical copies of SCP-4000 are to be contained in medium security chambers, guarded at all times by onsite staff. Any tests with a copy of SCP-4000 must be approved by the on-site director, and all staff involved must pass a 3/4000 standard psychological exam.

Leaks of SCP-4000 are to be swiftly contained by MTF-443 (“Fame and Sex”). Any instances of SCP-4000-1 are to be administered Class-B amnestics. If the leak is far too large to contain properly, a Class I neural amnestic is to be applied via the internet. This method has had a ~20% success rate in the past.

A dedicated research team of 10 will detect outbreaks of SCP-4000 by scouring historical records as well as information databases. Any historical discrepancies will be explored and subsequently contained. However, due to the near-infinite scale of text records and the internet, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between true discrepancies and simple documentation errors.

Containment Procedures Update 200412: A rudimentary AIC will be installed to assist the team in locating discrepancies through extensive analysis of given historical information. The team will also expand its current numbers to a team of 25.

Description: SCP-4000 refers to any copy of the song The Visual History, Side A, by the artist Hal E. A thorough investigation into this artist has revealed no pertinent information regarding SCP-4000, except that Hal E was born in 1928. While older physical copies read the single’s official release in 1983, recent research has shown the song has existed since ████.

Any person who listens to any portion of the track longer than 30 seconds are to be designated SCP-4000-1.1 Extensive testing has proven the effect of SCP-4000 is ineffective on species other than homo sapiens. Instances of SCP-4000-1, upon completion of their listening to the song, undergo a cognitive and behavioral change, including a 200% increase in Myelin, as well as strong reality bending abilities. SCP-4000-1 subjects will take a keen interest in past events, usually connected to their own.

When discussing the past or documenting it, SCP-4000-1 subconsciously change baseline history based on the aforementioned conversation. These changes take place nearly instantaneously, yet the nature of such changes do not seem to affect present events even though paradoxes would be present.2

Though the scale of SCP-4000’s effects is nearly impossible to quantify, a log of known relevant occurrences can be accessed below: