"Last Hope" bunker

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: 10 kilometer area around the facility is to be constantly patrolled by the agents disguised as the local authorities in order to prevent the locals from coming close to it. The agents who infiltrate the facility in disguise are to follow the standard protocol, avoid raising suspicion and leave the facility before 00.00. No attempt of assaulting the facility is to be carried out until the explosions or the person inside the facility who triggers it is found.

Description: The said facility is a Nazi bunker (called by the Nazi commander of the soldiers inhabiting it the "Last Hope") located in the █████ Oblast of the Republic of Belarus in the swampy region of Polesia and therefore is hard to be accessed which most likely is the reason for the facility's staying undiscovered until recently. According to the data, gathered by one of the agents, who entered the facility in disguise, the construction of the bunker began in August 12, 1941 and was finished by September 2, 1942. The official purpose of the facility is to store chemical weapon, which is to be used against the advancing Red Army.
The bunker was located on ██/██/2012 by a local civilian from the village of ██████████, 20 kilometers from the facility, and reported to the local authorities. The Foundation used it's channels to protect this information and prevent it from going further.
The facility, displays a peculiar time anomaly: the bunker is stuck in an infinite loop and it's inhabitants keep living one and the same day (March 1,1944) over and over again. The inhabitants carry on until 00.00 when the bunker and everything inside it immediately reverts back to where it was in the beginning and the same pattern is repeated. If the facility is destroyed it will be back in it's usual state after 00.00 (see entrance log on the ██/██/2012). The causes of the anomaly are unknown.
The observations showed that inhabitants are not aware of the anomaly. They are disinclined to leave the bunker and if dragged outside by force age rapidly and turn to dust within seconds. Any object brought out of the bunker will age as well but won't disappear even after 00.00, but the same object will appear in the bunker on it's usual place. Any object brought inside the bunker from the outer world will disappear after 00.00. Same applicable for people entering the facility (see entrance log on the ██/██/2012).
One of the agents who entered the facility learned that the chemicals are stored under the bunker in a huge multilevel underground basement. However there were grounds to believe that it weren't the chemicals that were kept in the facility. The entrance to the basement requires special clearance and is therefore inaccessible to the disguised agents. The agents learned that in case of a force majeure the facility will be destroyed, which was later confirmed (see entrance log on the ██/██/2012).
As it was learned, the commander of the troops stationed in the bunker is Wehrmachtsdekan Wolf von Hindervelle. Total number of the inhabitants is about 45 people. After studying the Vermacht archives it was established that Wolf von Hindervelle and two of other high ranking members of the commanding stuff (Oberstleutenant Hans Vortke and Major Adolf Zorg) were members of Ahnenerbe. The agents report seeing files with the organization's symbol on the front cover. The facility is mentioned in the organization's archives and in several others but its full account and purpose are not stated. The files dealing with the facility are missing, most likely destroyed shortly before the Germany's capitulation.
It's is unknown if the organization has something to do with the contents of the bunker and the anomaly.

Addendum: Due to the recurrence in the inhabitants' behavior the standard protocol for infiltration was established. The agents entering the facility are to follow the protocol. The agents' main objectives are:
1. Find out the cause of the anomaly.
2. Find out what is being stored int the facility.
3. Find a way to infiltrate the basement level.
4. Locate the explosives or the person who triggers it.
5. Place the cameras and motion detectors to map the recurring behavior patterns of the inhabitants.

Extracts from the entrance log:
██/██/2012 First successful penetration by the agent in disguise.
██/██/2012 The agent rosed suspicion, the contact was lost. No further contact with the agent established.
██/██/2012 An attempt to stay in bunker after 00.00. No further contact with the agent established.
██/██/2012 An attempt to assault the facility. Short time after the operation began a number of explosions destroyed the bunker thus sealing the entrance to the basement. After 00.00 the bunker appeared again in it's usual state. No further contact with any of the agents who assaulted the facility was made. Note: no trace of chemicals was found after the explosions.

If in the nearest time the field research group won't find out the cause of the anomaly the above-mentioned territory of 10 kilometers around the facility is to be purchased by the Foundation from the government of the Republic of Belarus and a new SCP facility established, disguised as a private hunting preserve.