Item #: SCP-3964 (Author note: I hope to get this SCP number, but its not certain so)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3964 is contained in a standard containment chamber Physical contact has been prohibited, and all personnel besides D-Class must stay more than ten meters away from SCP-3964 to avoid its temporary hypnosis. It is not active unless physically touched.

Description: SCP-3964 only becomes active after physical contact. D-Class personnel have reported feeling an irresistible urge to touch it's body. From initial investigations, SCP-3964 has been observed to bd humanoid in shape and appearance, however, its appearance seems to flash and change between two different individuals. The first is a humanoid shape with all facial features and color missing. The other individual is that of a pale young man, aged in his early twenties in ragged clothing. The appearance of SCP-3964 alternates between these forms every few seconds.

Abilities: SCP-3964 has a physical form, but all it's abilities are mentle. The first is that it can project a strong desire to touch its body to any humans within ten meters. No test subject so far have been able to resist this effect for more than a few minutes. Its process of taking complete control over a human stems off of this urge. When a human has any sort of physical contact with the being, it initiates four stages of mentle control from the being.

Stage One: Subjects feel nausea and dizziness immediately after contact with SCP-3964, but no severe symptoms occur at this time. However, the night after contact subjects describe having a dream in which the being talks to them and promises to give them their greatest dreams and desires. The results of these first dreams have had varied effects on D-Class personnel, but usually results in confusion and curiosity. This stage usually lasts from four to six days.

Stage Two: After stage one, subjects describe feeling physically fatigued and weary. The next night subjects report their dreams become nightmares. D-Class personnel describe these dreams as their biggest fears; things that disgust, horrify, or terrify them constantly replaying over and over again in their minds. These dreams usually last from two to three weeks, depending on the individual affected. During this time subjects become hostile, constantly irritated at anything that others do, and even violent in some cases. Despite the fact that these subjects are sleeping, they show signs of extreme sleep deprivation at the end of the stage. In the last week, all subjects describe hearing SCP-3964 speaking in their minds, even when they are awake.

Stage Three: At the point of this stage, subjects have admitted that they feel vulnerable, desperate, and even willing to do anything to get rid of the "voice in their head." Situations vary from this point on, depending on the individual subject. But in all cases, subjects report that SCP-3964 mentally instructs them to do a certain task, usually a type of crime or a breach of Foundation protocol(i.e. murder, attempted escape, attempts at breaking Foundation containment procedures.) The most any test subject has resisted has been six days before they give in and obey it. Most subjects actually complete their tasks as soon as possible, and with an element of optimism and happiness observed. When interviewed about why they obey the urging of SCP-3964, subjects state that it will supposedly take away the nightmares and grant their dreams if they obey it.

Stage Four: The night after subjects complete stage three, they fall asleep but cannot and will not be woken up. All attempts to wake them from this sleep have proven ineffective and useless. After a few days, the subjects' brain activity start to slow, and after one to two weeks the brain eventually shuts down completely. During these time periods, SCP-3964 displays signs of activity, usually moving around in its cell or slamming into walls. Tests have shown that it somehow is able to drain the life and energy of its victims as they sleep to strengthen itself.

First Contact: SCP-3964 was first discovered in an abandoned mental hospital by a TV "ghost chaser" ██████ and her team while they were roaming the empty halls. It was found laying unresponsive in an empty room. The reporter called to it, and touched its neck in an attempt to check its pulse when it did not respond. SCP-3964 then attempted to shift into its featureless form, but failed. It did not move again.

Mobile Task Force MU-13 soon arrived at the scene of contact after being alerted by a Doctor [REDACTED] about suspicious activity at the asylum. ██████ was immediately taken by Foundation doctors to a secure medical research to examine after she reported dizziness and a moment of brief lack of consciousness. SCP-3964 was found where ██████ said it would be, and after six hours of initial observations was herded into a portable containment chamber. Task force operatives reported that the creature seemed drained and lethargic.
Researcher in Charge: Dr. Mathias Kaplan

Interviews: All attempts to communicate with SCP-3964 have failed, except for one unplanned conversation exactly 1 month after it had been contained. The interview is as follows:

Kaplan: Good morning, ma'am. Do you know why you're here today?

D-6984: No, I don't

Kaplan sighs and takes a seat directly across from the subject

Kaplan: What did you try to do this morning, ma'am?

D-6984: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean

Kaplan: It says in this report, that you took a table knife from your meal tray and tried to [REDACTED] a guard. Because of your actions, one of our men is in intensive care and now has a high chance of dying in the next day. Do you deny this?

D-6984: I-

D-6984: No,doctor

Kaplan: I see. Would you explain for me why you attacked him?

D-6984 remains silent and motionless

Kaplan: Ma'am?

D-6984 slowly looks up and whispers quietly

Kaplan: Ma'am, are you alright? Security, stand by. We may have an issue here

D-6984 looks up and blinks vacantly, then starts to cough violently

Kaplan Ma'am, are you alright? Security, get in here now.

D-6984 why do you wish to call your guardians? why do you imprison me when all I wish to do is help humanity?

Kaplan What?

D-6984: You have tried to communicate with me before. Now, I am ready to talk

Kaplan sits up and looks at D-6984 quizzically

Kaplan Who are you?

D-6984: Who am I? Who are YOU? I am the one imprisoned against my will. The one who got locked up for simply trying to help the broken, weak individuals brought to me.

Kaplan: So its you then… Are you able to control her?

D-6984: No, i cannot. At my strongest the very most i can do is speak through a being, and even then it does not last long. But I do not have long control over this woman's mind, and I wish that we make this short so that I do not hurt her more. Tell me, doctor. Why have I been imprisoned?

Kaplan: Why? Because you're a threat. You're not normal. You murder innocent people with your mind. That's why.

D-6984 twitches briefly, then regains her composure

D-6984: You say I kill them, doctor. That may be true. But what of the life I give them first? There's two faces to every situation.

Kaplan: What do you mean? How do you give your victims “life”, when you put them in a coma and then drain them of their literal life force?

D-6984: Your dreams, doctor. All the things you've wished for, all the things you've wanted to do, all the places you've wanted to visit. Everything that makes you happy I give to you as you sleep. I take away your mortal fears, weaknesses, and pain. I give you a personal utopia for an eternity.

Kaplan: But why do everything else? Why torture these people with nightmares and horrors? And why kill them?

D-6984: I give them a choice, but either out of ignorance, doubt, or stubbornness, they refuse my offer. Most do not even think I am real. So the only thing I can do is show them that which I wish to abolish. All their fears and hatreds, their horrors and inner demons, I show all to them. I give them a taste of both my power, and all that I wish to free them from.

//D-6984 shudders visibly, and starts to speak, but then stops herself briefly before continuing //

D-6984: Every hour of this world that they spend asleep seems like years to them. Time in my dreams is much, much longer than real time. So when you see me killing them, I see giving them a longer life without fears. I-

D-6984 suddenly pushes her seat back and sinks to the ground in a fit of apparent pain and screams, holding her head with her hands. Kaplan’s hand slides under the table to push the alarm button, but before he can D-6984 regains her composure and sits back in her seat

Kaplan: What the..?

D-6984 clenched her fists,and looks back up at Kaplan

D-6984: You do not understand. I want to kill them, I must kill them to survive… but I must heal them and save them as well. Part of me hates you and needs you dead, but part of me pitied you. Even now my mind is screaming to kill you… but I can't. You have no idea what I can truly do. But I try to help your kind,even though I must satisfy this hunger I have. I do the best I can for the , the now dead. I… I-

D-6984 clutches her head,and screams again. Kaplan presses the alarm button under the table, and then quickly backs away from the table.

D-6984: I must kill you now, doctor… I need to fuel the- I'm sorry, I can't… I can't…

D-6984 leaps at Kaplan as the door is opened by Foundation security. D-6984 pauses and turns to look at the newcomers, and the first guard raises his weapon and fires without hesitation. D-6984 does not survive.

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End of report