Item #: SCP-2066

Object Class: Keter


SCP-2066 at the moment of the recovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2066 is to be stored inside an airtight and soundproof room, with 2 airlocks. No physical contact is allowed with SCP-2066. Room must be kept airless during all times. Any person that came in contact with SCP-2066 must be placed in a soundproof camera and restrained, for further observation. No testing or contact with SCP-2066 is allowed.

Description: In undisturbed state SCP-2066 resembles regular alarm clock, presumably manufactured in USSR and made mostly out of plastic, constantly showing the time of 6:21. It has, what appears to have a simple mechanism in the back, perhaps for setting the alarm manually. No information has been obtained on whether the mechanism is functional or not. It does not do anything and appears to be just a broken alarm clock, that is until it gets disturbed.

Disturbance is defined as any physical contact. Even blow of air will disturb SCP-2066. When disturbed, SCP-2066 instantly changes it's display time to 12:30 and start to emit very loud, distinguishing, alarm sound.

Any human who hears the sound SCP-2066 produces, will instantly lose conscience, falling to the ground. Test subjects have been reported to stay unconscious for about 13 minutes. No information is present on what exactly happens during the unconscious phase. After contaminated subjects regained conscious, they have reported hearing constant and loud ticking noise. Although no physical changes have been noted, subjects kept reporting hearing the noise after 1,3 and 5 weeks. After 5th week, subjects were no longer communicative in any way. Subjects have been diagnosed with severe psychosis. 2 of of 6 text subjects have committed suicide after one week by biting their wrists. Other 4 have been restrained and kept on experimental sedatives. Currently, no cure for the symptom has been found.