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SCP-XXXX entering a room through a wormhole.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Loading.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid creature of unknown origin standing at 1.8 m tall. While it has no skin, its organs, including muscles, excrete flexible resin which forms a thin protective layer on them. Anatomically, the musculoskeletal system of the entity is mostly similar to that of a human, though there are additional groups of muscles located around the head, neck, and torso, wrapping some organs and bones. SCP-XXXX has two rows of teeth on each jaw. Both teeth and lower jaw muscles are underdeveloped, which suggests that the creature does not consume solid food. The respiratory system takes a significant part of a creature's organism. SCP-XXXX does not have a nose — it uses the mouth cavity to breathe. The creature has no vocal cords and does not produce any sounds.

SCP-XXXX is able to create wormholes1 and travel through them. Leaving the wormhole, SCP-XXXX will always appear in a rabbit suit that is intact. The entity insists on wearing its rabbit suit at all times and becomes aggressive if anything poses a threat to its integrity. The suit itself has no signs of the manufacturer, though seems to be human-made and properly designed.

SCP-XXXX tends to assimilate human habits and exhibits strong interest to children between ages from 4 to 15 that experience poor parenting and lack of social skills. When such subject (hereinafter SCP-XXXX-A) draws a picture with an anthropomorphic rabbit that vaguely resembles the suit of SCP-XXXX — the wormhole will start to form on a surface where the drawing was left or put on. SCP-XXXX will come out to engage SCP-XXXX-A into activities such as drawing and playing games that do not require active movement, then it leaves through the same wormhole. SCP-XXXX will occasionally return to repeat the activities. SCP-XXXX-A will feel encouraged about every entity's visit and sometimes come to the wormhole, patiently waiting for SCP-XXXX.

The product of the entity's breathing is carbon dioxide, which mixes with a small proportion of poisonous gases and microorganisms in periods of interacting with SCP-XXXX-A. The gas is transparent and has a slight musty smell. Collectively, it causes different cognition altering reactions on animals. Most domestic animals become extremely aggressive towards SCP-XXXX immediately after smelling the scent. The poisonous compound is proven to be reliant on the subject and takes some time to produce. It has no effect on the subject while causing permanent physical changes to the brain of other humans that continuously inhale it. Prolonged exposure causes the small benign tumor to grow on the thalamus.

The subjects of exposure to the poisonous compound will eventually lose the ability to perceive SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX in every possible way. The effect comes gradually and separately, meaning SCP-XXXX would be completely invisible and silent for the subjects after about two days of exposure, whereas the same phenomenon of SCP-XXXX-A might take weeks. The entity tries to avoid any contact with the subjects until they are unable to see it, timely hiding or leaving SCP-XXXX-A. Hereafter, it might reside permanently in the houses, standing still for multiple hours when not interacting with SCP-XXXX-A.