SCP-2258, Signs
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A recreation of SCP-2258-1

Item #: SCP-2258

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2258-1 is to be stored in a type M medium standard humanoid anomaly containment cell at Site-06-3 with a Scranton Reality Anchor present. All instances of SCP-2258 will be stored in standard containment lockers held in Area-02. Any public incidents of SCP-2258 will be reported as an XK class end-of-the-world scenario and will automatically dispatch Mobile Task Force Gamma-7 (Red Herrings). Witnesses will be administered Class A amnestics.

Description: SCP-2258 is a collection of signs containing SCP-2258-1, and are commonly mistaken as bathroom signs, wet floor signs, etc. SCP-2258 signs can contain strange and unusual warnings along with associated pictures describing the anomaly (e.g. Warning! Wormhole in Floor). These anomalies can range from harmless anomalies to XK end-of-the-world scenarios, and will be designated as such.

SCP-2258-1 is a two-dimensional entity commonly linked to a "Bathroom Sign Man". It has been proven that SCP-2258-1 creates SCP-2258 anomalies and activates them. Usually, after placing a sign, SCP-2258-1 will emit a hume frequency 2x the background level and de-materialize into, theoretically, a pocket dimension.


Recreation of SCP-2258

SCP-2258's main anomalous properties are when an entity known as SCP-2258-1 creates a sign. Whatever the sign anomaly describes, will happen. Therefore, SCP-2258-1's potential to create is hypothetically limitless1. While SCP-2258-1 is potentially very dangerous, it can be contained, but with extreme precaution measures.

SCP-2258-1's pocket dimension has been accessed via Kant Counter, a manned exploration was provided.2

Incident Log 2258-1

Exploration Log 2258-1

Addendum 2258-01: During SCP-2258's cell time, SCP-2258 has written a note in what seems like his alien language. Translation is available here

Now I'm scared every time I go to the bathroom