legendaryweredragon's sandbox page.

I am currently working on three SCPs: SCP-sb, SCP-dz and SCP-ps

I wrote a stupid tale about SCP-682, but I probably will not post it on the main site unless I either improve it a whole lot or record an audio version because it is funnier in audio form, although I probably will not do either of those things.

I also have some ideas for SCPs where common objects that children are afraid of came to life and became dangerous for real. One of them is a living vacuum cleaner. I haven't started writing them yet but I will soon.

I wrote a tale for a contest that I took down due to it being downvoted. Needs more work.

I also have an idea for a document that will list common types of anomalous humans.

List of common types of anomalous humanoids.

Currently taking a break from this one, will return to it later.


SCP-dz is an anomalous location where normal humans gain the ability to warp reality. SCP-dz isn't dangerous by itself. The problem with it is that several other group of interest know about SCP-dz.

Currently taking a break from this one, will return to it later.


Warning: Potentially NSFW

SCP-sb is an alien penis monster with too many breasts that is able to turn other lifeforms into more of itself, but he is actually a nice guy. Currently I am rewriting this one. Ignore it for now. It has a lot of problems

Currently in rewrite. Not ready for review.


SCP-ps is a recurring anomalous event that the Foundation does not know the cause of where a large area suddenly becomes underwater, but nothing is damaged by the water and the people in the area are able to breath underwater.

Currently taking a break from this one, will return to it later.

My jam contest entry

This was a tale that I wrote in a hurry for a context. I took it down due to it being downvoted. Although this tale is not very good, I am happy that I managed to finish something in time for the contest. I currently do not know yet if I will return to this tale and fix it up.

Junk Folder

This is where I keep ideas that I have given up on for now.