LetsSayItsMine (SCP Sandbox 1)
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SCP-3915 after being transported to Site-19

Item#: SCP-3915
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3915 is to be kept in a standard object containment chamber at Site-19 on a 1 meter tall pedestal covered with a 2mm thick steel box. Security cameras are to be placed around the cell for remote monitoring as physical monitoring is impossible without activating it's primary effect. All cameras and photos do not activate any of SCP-3915's effects when viewed. Personnel with security clearance 3 or higher may use it at their own discretion. Class-A Amnestics are to be administered immediately after to counter SCP-3915's secondary effect. No interaction with SCP-3915 is allowed other than testing purposes.

SCP-3915 is a leather-bound book with significant wear. The language written inside SCP-3915 is undeciphered, resembling traditional Chinese characters. Multiple pages are missing from the book and physical wear is present. The book was recovered from an ancient ruin after multiple Chinese children (numbering in the near 200 range) refused to read their textbooks. Consult the recovery log for additional information.

SCP-3915 has two effects, a primary and secondary. Once viewed by a human, SCP-3915 will exhibit it's primary effect and change into a very appealing book of the reader's preference (Fantasy, Romance, etc…). The subject will notice the book and start to read it. In the physical world, the subject grabs the air and reads nothing. The subject will read the entire "book", hereby designated as SCP-3915-A, in one sitting.

After this is finished, SCP-3915 will activate it's secondary effect. The subject will feel like SCP-3915-A was the best book they have ever read. After around 3-4 days, the subject will stop reading. This effect leads to them becoming disobedient and not following basic rules. Subjects will forget all prior books that have been read and only remember reading SCP-3915-A.