Scp-2203: Neuro-Worms

Item #: SCP-2203

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to it's hostile nature and ability to melt through most materials it is to be kept in Facility ███, Sector ██, in a 20cm X 20cm X 20cm triple reinforced tungsten container suspended two (2) meters off the ground by a thin cylindrical tube. Said tube is to have a small opening and vent with which to propel object into container. No fewer than seven (7) guards are to remain outside the main room, each wearing tungsten PROTECTOR leg-ware and infrared goggles, two of which are to be armed with liquid nitrogen tanks and hoses, the guards are to be rotated after each day and checked for punctures in the skin. Inside the cell are motion detectors to check for signs of a potential breach, the cell will be monitored by infrared cameras. In the case of a breach all personnel are to evacuate to a distance of at least one hundred (100) meters from SCP-2203's cell locking all doors behind them, all mute personnel are to be executed subsequent to evacuation

Description: SCP-2203 is a transparent snake-like creature almost invisible to the naked eye and is monitored with the high heat signature it gives off. It can burrow through objects by increasing it's exterior body temperature, which can range from 63°C to 5,000°C.

SCP-2203 weighs 0.0000324 milligrams, it is five (5) centimeters in length and 0.5 millimeters in width.1

SCP-2203 is able to control the movement of it's victims by attaching itself to the brain stem and intercepting and redirecting neural transmissions, it appears to feed by doing this, once attached to the brain the host is rendered speechless and infects any living creature in the immediate vicinity, autopsies show that when it has finished with it's host, it severs the brain stem and burrows out of the body, this can take anywhere from ██ seconds to █ days.

SCP-2203 fears temperatures below 0°C and avoids them whenever possible, this is potentially due to [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is attracted to warm blooded animals especially bipedal mammals. It avoids reptiles whenever possible, this is likely due to [DATA EXPUNGED]

Object can asexually reproduce, meaning an extinction event if a breach occurs. It reproduces by leaving a small portion of its tail somewhere within the host. The tail then grows into a full copy of the object another object, with slight variations in overall size and weight. The new object can grow within ███ seconds. The only way to avoid this is by freezing the victim.

Transcript of video and audio feed: SCP-2203 test A

[Video had been taken with heat sensory equipment] Three figures (D-3453, D-3554, D-3231) colored in ranges of orange and yellow enter camera view. Dr. █████ orders that SCP-2203 be released. A small white shape enters the camera's view on the right side of the screen. Object nears the D personnel, one of whom asks if the others had seen something moving (presumably the object). Just after the others deny this the white figure enters the center orange figure (D-3554). A white blotch moves up the D-3554's body before stopping at his head (A second white blotch remains at D-3554's leg). D-3554 screams during the process. The D-class to each side take a step away from him (likely due to shock). D-3231 asks about D-3554's health and is given no answer. D-3231 repeats herself angrily, at this point D-3554 stops screaming (the neural link had likely been established). The figure nearest the camera (D-3231) proceeds to approach D-3554 (now to be classified as SCP-2203-1). SCP-2203-1 and the figure merge momentarily. D-3453 begins to curse and the figure furthest the camera leaves its view. A third white blotch moves from object's head and enters other figure (D-3231). D-3231 screams and object leaves camera's view. Camera angle switches, showing two figures (D-3453 and SCP-2203-1). Object nears D-3453 whom curses at SCP-2203-1. Third figure (now to be classified as SCP-2203-2 re-enters camera view, also approaching D-3453. D-3453 lunges at SCP-2203-1, figures merge. A small gap can be seen between the figure's heads with the orange one above the white. D-3453 shouts victoriously. The white blotch in the head of SCP-2203-1 moves to D-3453's head in an explosion of orange. D-3453 complains (loudly) of a pain in the eye but abruptly stops (likely due to the establishment of the neural link). Dr. █████ declares the test finished and orders the D-class be terminated and the objects re-contained.

Dr. █████ demands that no more testing be done with live subjects in order to reduce the risk of an outbreak.