Lieutenant Marshall
Item#: X
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:


SCP-X is to be kept disassembled within its box in Storage Locker-██ on Site-██. Each of SCP-X's pieces are to be wrapped separately with cellophane wrapping. Each piece, whenever studied, must be studied individually and without contact to any other pieces of SCP-X. In the event of a case of SCP-X being reassembled, Site Director Carnegie Burns is to be notified immediately.

An additional 348 instances of SCP-X have been found. These instances are yet to exhibit any anomalous activity. The boxes of SCP-X are to remain closed until further notice from Mobile Task Force Epsilon-14. In the event of boxes being found, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-141 must be notified immediately. These instances of SCP-X must be approached with extreme caution, as each instance may be either disassembled or assembled, and assembled SCP-X's may have behavioral patterns, regarding when it will attack and when it will become inanimate, that differ to what has been recorded.

Description: SCP-X is a construction toy similar in design of the "Bionicle" toy line by the LEGO company. It is 37.8 centimeters in height, colored black, and bears translucent dark-orange eyes and rib-cage, both of which reportedly glow faintly when present in the same room as sapient organisms. SCP-X is constructed out of an unidentified hybrid material that appears to be made of acrylic and steel, excluding the rib cage and eyes, which are an unidentifiable orange crystalline structure. SCP-X is particularly notable for possessing two subulate horns, elongated claws, and extended front teeth.

The cardboard box in which SCP-X has been found within has a picture of SCP-X on it, as well as the words, "Caersephyr, the Lich™", which is the apparent name of SCP-X. It also reads on the back: "WARNING! Choking Hazard.", with an age warning stating that it should not be played with by children of three years of age or younger. The rest of the box displays numerous pictures of SCP-X breathing fire and fighting other creatures.

SCP-X has the innate ability to produce multiple limbs from its body and has been seen to push these limbs down a nearby victim's throat. These limbs will then begin to tear at the tissue present within the victim's throat, resulting in asphyxiation. SCP-X appears to target children primarily with this technique. For adults, SCP-X will use its limbs much more violently, and will attempt to tear at tissue around the eyes, limbs, and throat. After victim is rendered lifeless, SCP-X will open its mouth and produce a mechanical resonance.

Upon expiration of the subject from asphyxiation, bodily functions would continue once more after 2 minutes following the resonance produced by SCP-X. Revived subjects are designated SCP-X-1. SCP-X-1 instances, when revived, undergo a cellular necrosis of the skin and an increase in hormonal cell production coupled by high levels of aggression. Instances prove to be slightly stronger physically, but somewhat limited in basic neurological activity. SCP-X-1 instances are reported to be in possession of SCP-X. Reportedly, if contact between SCP-X and SCP-X-1 is breached for long periods of time, SCP-X-1 will eventually expire.

SCP-X additionally appears to have teleportation capability. However, it renders the item inanimate for a long period of time, as it remains inactive for weeks at a time before becoming animate. As such, SCP-X tends to teleport to certain parts of the compound where sapient life is few and far between, such as ventilation systems, sewage systems, etc. Research shows that it is impossible for SCP-X to teleport when disassembled. Since its disassembly by Dr Montegru and Agent Marshall, the ability has never been exhibited again.

Recovery: SCP-X was discovered in a home in ████████, England, on 23/██/20██, by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots"). An embedded agent in the local police force encountered an instance of SCP-X when responding to a report of a suspected homicide in progress which took the form of a child who, despite fatal lacerations around the neck, was alive and attempted to attack an officer while holding SCP-X in one hand. After successfully injuring the officer with the aforementioned item, the child fled the scene. Agent requested deployment of Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6, initially believing the instance was an outbreak of SCP-███, which was granted. The instance was tracked to the child's property. After failure of attempted reasoning, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 proceeded to deploy incendiary weaponry on the SCP-X-1 instance, successfully terminating it. After termination of the SCP-X-1, SCP-X became animate and attempted to escape, attacking two Foundation operatives and severely injuring them before suddenly becoming inanimate. The object was secured by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6.

Parents of the child were found in the hallway of the house. The father, Mr. Dean ██████, had had his arm severely mangled by what appears to be the child's teeth and was missing his right thumb and his left index and ring finger, and was in an unconscious state due to blood trauma. Both injuries were barely cauterized by a torn tea towel by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6. Mr. ██████'s wife, Mrs. Marta ██████, was in much worse a condition, suffering from massive blood loss as a result of several torn tendons. The mother expired from her injuries before medical attention was available. The father has since recovered from his injuries, and has been interviewed (see Addendum-1).

Addendum-1: Mr. ██████ was interviewed by Dr. Montegru of Mobile Task Force Epsilon-14 on █.█.20██. The interview is attached below.

Addendum-2: The house where SCP-X had been purchased from was raided on █.█.20██. The house owner reportedly abandoned the premises days before, but 23 instances of SCP-X were found unopened, and were transferred to Site-██. These 23 boxes have yet to exhibit any anomalous activity, but are to be monitored closely. Coordinates to an undisclosed location were found in the kitchen, written in led pencil on a tax file form. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-14 has since been dispatched to the location (see Addendum-3).

Addendum-3: The coordinates found at the original SCP-X's seller's house lead to an abandoned factory in ██████, Japan, and was raided. Within the sight, approximately 325 unopened boxes of SCP-X were found within shipping crates. 2 boxes were found opened and missing their SCP-X pieces. Blueprints were found on site on multiple benches, with unfinished figures in the process of being built. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-14 secured the 325 boxes, blueprints, and unfinished figures and returned them to Site-██. Study of all items is ongoing.

Addendum-4: Shipping label found with crates of SCP-X (damaged):

ers phy , the L ch™ hi dr n's C n ruc ion T y
a r du t of M . L nn

10, 000 n ts

Attempts to reconstruct the shipping label are ongoing.

Incident Log X-1: During study by Dr. ██████, one of the retrieved prototypes sprang to life and began to elecit a mechanical resonance similar to SCP-X's. The protoype then proceeded to display pyrokinetic capabilities as it began to spray Dr. ██████ with continuous flame. The prototype was destroyed by Site agents via shotgun fire. All prototypes have been dissassembled and stored away similarly to SCP-X, and further research is to be approved by Site Director Carnegie Burns. Dr. ██████ survived the incident, and is currently recovering from injuries.