Life in 3D

Item #: SCP-2114

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2114 is to be kept in it's original packaging inside of a small safe. SCP-2114 is not to be removed from it's packaging or taken out of the safe unless the object is to be used for testing.

Description: SCP-2114 appears to be a black iPhone 5 with no accessories or other remarkable physical features. The device seems to perform exactly like a standard iPhone 5 and is able to receive and make calls, run apps, and perform all other normal functions for a phone of it's model.The device's anomalous properties become apparent when it reaches about 4% battery, at which point any person under the age of 40 will appear to be drawn towards it.

Once the subject picks up the phone they will claim to feel anxious and stressed and will attempt to find a charger for the device immediately. If the subject is able to obtain the charger and plug the phone into an outlet, they appear to recover and express that they feel extremely relieved. However, if sufficient time (about five minutes) passes after they begin looking for a charger or outlet, the subject will begin to display symptoms of extreme distress, such as shaking, crying, and incoherent rambling. After a few minutes of exhibiting this behavior, the subject will become physically and verbally aggressive towards anyone around them.