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Light/Strelnikov? Waxx may be working on this
Light/Iris <- ???


  • SCP-2000
  • The Bloom
  • Combining SCP-579 and SCP-055
  • Opening and closing Johnathan Ball's SCP-001 until it loops back to 001 (maybe in conjugation with killing off all humans)

SCP-1337- Bright's thing with image

People like images

Newspaper articles
Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed has this down to a science! Our knowledge is yet behind theirs


Image use guide


IE: One commonly accepted view of SCP articles is that they're quick informative references for an audience who isn't already familiar with the anomaly. That is, a researcher conducting extensive studies into an SCP, or a specialist designing its containment procedures, would probably want access to everything known about it: that might be pages and pages of data. On the other hand, an agent assigned to recontain an anomaly that's breached containment, or a researcher checking to see if one object might be related to another, could flip through one of the "main list" articles and quickly get an idea of what it is and what to expect from it.

Ways to incorporate images into your articles Examples
Picture of the object in containment SCP-2112
Picture of a small portion or area of the object SCP-914
Picture of the object upon recovery
Picture of a victim who encountered the object SCP-106 (last photo)
Picture of the effect the object produces
Picture of the containment unit

What kinds of pictures to use

Good -

  • Cool images online that you've run through our Image Guide
  • Pictures you've taken
    • Even if you're not a pro photographer and only have your cell phone camera, sometimes the effect you're going for is "a field agent pointed a camera at the weird thing and took this picture."
    • Examples:
  • Images you've generated. If you have the skills and it's appropriate for your article, go ahead!
    • See caveat on drawings below.
    • Examples:
  • Pictures you've taken or have permission to edit, carefully photoshopped.
    • See caveat on photoshopping below.
    • Examples: SCP-1009 (landscape photos with the hue altered)


  • Stock photography
    • Stock photography is instantly recognizable as stock photography
  • Pictures of objects on pure white backgrounds
    • Looks artificial and a lot like stock photography.
  • Drawings
    • There is almost never a reason the Foundation would use a drawing rather than a photo, so they break realism. If you still think there's a good reason for your cool drawing to appear in your article, think twice, then three times, then run it by other people.
  • Obvious photoshops
    • When they're obvious, they're really obvious. If your own photoshopping abilities aren't up to snuff, ask for help.
  • Pictures people don't like
    • See the tombstone story above. Sometimes an image just doesn't work.

Finding images


  • The entire image wiki

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