Light Entity (Early Draft - Antiphilis)
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Multiple instances of SCP-P taking on an avian form.

Item #: SCP-P (placeholder)

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-P is to be contained in a Class-H Plutonium-Californium Alloy airtight, electromagnetically sealed chamber, 2m * 2m * 2m large (to lower any light from 1-680nm from being absorbed, as well as provide nuclei to prevent aging or destruction). Inside the cell are to be twelve 20cm * 32cm mirrors, all facing randomly selected directions and angles. There is to be no light anywhere near the containment cell, and all personnel must wear IEZ-021 Black uniforms when in contact with SCP-P or its cell. SCP-P's containment cell, at all times, MUST be at a level of light below 0.000000000173 lux. All instances of SCP-P are to be accommodated into this cell. Every 4-8 hours, SCP-P's containment cell must be administered AV516 Microwave Units to counteract any possible light absorption.

Mirror locations must be changed weekly, as SCP-P will learn to memorize mirror locations and patterns.

The most efficient method of re-containment is to lure the subject into its cell with a recovered instance of SCP-P-1. Though it does seem to be indestructible, many attempts to slow down its speed and vitals via firearm or explosion have been successful in ██% of cases.

Description: SCP-P is an entity purely composed of photons from what seems to be the visible light spectrum, typically assuming a form reminiscent of the class Cephalopoda. SCP-P's movement patterns seem to be that of a jellyfish, using tentacles to glide through the air as if it is swimming in liquid. SCP-P possesses an indefinite amount of appendages, which can vary from tentacles to avian wings. The appendages can be completely transparent at times but still make physical contact. This is assumed to be from the type of rays that are emitted from SCP-P at times. SCP-P seems to be able to control the appendages' state (solid or gaseous) at will. SCP-P's known method of killing is through penetration wounds that are immediately cauterized and burned through by it's appendages, as well as physically melting the victim's body into solid surfaces around it, bending organic matter. SCP-P was discovered in an unknown facility under the forests near █████, Kentucky after the facility was destroyed. SCP-P's unknown way of movement causes lapses in the brain while observing with the unaided eye, causing the entity's movements to appear "jerky." SCP-P shows incredible strength, able to bend or tear any object within it's "vision" SCP-P can not only destroy, but also manipulate the molecular structure of entities around it.

Recovered documents from the facility in which SCP-P had originated explain that it is a creature from an alternate universe, that was transferred to Earth via [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-P has not phased through any solid surfaces, but is capable of bending them as aforementioned. SCP-P is also known to multiply if given proper fuel, which is ███████████. SCP-P is not known to be completely destructible, and outbreaks of it will occur if it breaches containment. SCP-P multiplies at a rate of 14 specimens per hour, in any measurement of lux higher than 0.000000000173.

SCP-P instances travel between dimensions in specific SCP-P-1 instances that also have multiplied since the initial outbreak of SCP-P. The entities travel between these dimensions at will. As much as 56 instances of SCP-P have been seen manifesting from SCP-P-1 at one time.