LightWarrior_Kaz SCP Drafts

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX does not need special containment procedures, but is instead kept in Break Room 2 on site 12 for Recreational use. It is to be always guarded by two (2) guards who are to input codes for any Personnel wanting to use a permitted room.

Tests have shown that all codes consist of 3 numerals and 2 letters in any order. Not all combinations have been tried yet, but personnel consistently try different codes for around 5 hours each day. When this happens, SCP-XXXX is to be brought into a steel holding cell with 1 meter thick walls in case of dangerous creatures. When a code is found to work, a team of 3 D-class Personnel are sent in to search the room for anything that could be considered a threat. If nothing is found, the room is then open for use as recreational rooms if Personnel wish to use them as such. However, specific room codes are never to be entered, as they contain threats to the safety of Personnel. Known threats include;

  • 89Y4B-A room with no floor above a volcano.
  • U7S10-A room full of rabid lions.
  • A completely dark room containing {Redacted}

Description SCP-XXXX is a wooden box, measuring approximately 1x1x2.5 meters. On the front is a door, with a small vending machine-like keypad, consisting of all numerals and letters in the English alphabet. When certain 5-character codes are entered in the keypad, the door will open to a specific room, pertaining to that code. All logic would dictate that these rooms should not exist, as the rooms greatly exceed the size of the box.

Some frequently used codes are;

  • A26B0-A room containing 17x10x6 meter rectangular pool, along with various towels and swimsuits.
  • R613H-A standard movie theater room, with a small back room containing a DVD player that hooks up to the big screen.
  • 34FJ1-A room containing various games, such as Billiards, Foosball, and Chess.
  • Q102V-A bar containing all known brands of alcohol.

(Note: Fire is not permitted to be brought into this room.)

  • YR572-A clothing store, containing various styles of clothing. Various name brand companies have been identified, such as Nike and Levis, but there are also many unknown companies that are named.

Multiple rooms are able to co-exist without interfering with each other, and do not stop existing until all foreign objects have been removed, at which point, the room seems to reset to its original state. Studies have also shown that objects can be taken out of the rooms without any harm to the object or room itself, and doesn't interfere with the rooms resetting. Personnel are restricted from taking the following objects out of the room;

  • Money
  • Valuable metals(Unless used for containment purposes)
  • Any object that could be hazardess to ones' health(Radiation, Poison, etc)