Staff Work

Sirens: Sirens usually hangs out in 19 and 17 and is almost always available to answer questions or critique requests. Feel free to flag her down, or send her a PM, if you've got ideas for crosslinks, a rewrite you need help with, or would like critique on your articles.

rumetzen: Medic wunderkind. Frequently lurking in chat, but when he speaks it's probably best to ignore it. A decent source of medical and military knowledge, so if you need any of that fact checked he's a good guy to go to. Also a mod at the Wanderer's Library and will show up at awkward times if you mention it. Has a good eye for editing tales.

EldritchCadence: Most likely to be seen on IRC, EC gives crit and advice in between College Stuff (tm) whenever they're available. They're a good person to go to for both SCPs and tales, and can occasionally help flesh out ideas they find interesting. If you see them on, feel free to say hi and ask for crit! Just make sure to bring pictures of dragons along to assauge them.

bluesoul: Specializes in networking and server technology by day. Punches bears and makes rap beats by night. Can answer most questions on computers as well as high- and low-level networking. Can review just about anything for tone.

Pig_catapult: Our very own tactical bacon delivery/bombardment system. Pig's been here a while, and generally has a good instinct for whether an idea will go over well. She might not say much most of the time, but she's usually just a ping or private message away.

Bouncl: Sometimes goes by Imants. He's a nice guy with a good head on his shoulders. Not around as much, but happy to help if you need something and he's around.

Waxx: Waxx is a pretty cool guy, he shoots guns and doesn't afraid of anything. Most likely to execute you for heresy, he is rarely spotted but may be helpful when he is. May.

Photosynthetic: One of our resident scientists. Can you guess what her specialty is? In any case, she's very helpful, and great with science; if you need to science up an article, she's a great person to ask. We can neither confirm nor deny whether she possesses anomalous sun-powered eldritch abilities.