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The Gentle Eschaton

Some photoshops are incomplete, with baseline images used as placeholders because it didn't make sense to invest that much time in something that might be so fucked as to be unsalvageable at any level. Just imagine a giant ball of blue bullshit present in them and you're good.

- image sources for final post -
boundary.jpg from scp image site eg compliant
australia's doom from public domain
melbourne aerial from cc by sa 2.0
orica from public domain
galaxy image from cc by
cmb -

Item #: SCP-3158

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Not applicable. All personnel with clearance for anomalies relating SCP-3158 are to be given 5/3158 clearance.

Description: SCP-3158 is an ongoing VK-Class Vacuum Metastability Scenario occurring in a universe adjacent to those that the Foundation is based in. While SCP-3158 poses no risk whatsoever to Foundation mission, detailed observations of it's boundary have revealed that its absolute centre moves by several million kilometers in a cyclical manner, and in contravention of known physics.

SCP-3158 is primary recorded in the Foundation database due to being a focal point for several unrelated anomalies. Foundationlies investigation has revealed that these focal points have no direct connection with SCP-3158 itself. Information on these anomalies is accessible to personnel with appropriate clearance.

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