Living Computer-RS

Recreation and edit of SCP-1704 (self-deleted by author.) [[>]]

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Item #: SCP-1704

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1704 must be kept in a 5m x 5m x 5m room in the shape of a cube. The walls must be at least 10mm thick, and are to be coated with a coat of rubber to prevent release of SCP-1704. The cube can be opened at the top by hand that is only 1m x 1m. The door cannot remain open for no longer than ten minutes before it becomes necessary to close.

All personnel must wear rubber gloves and anti-static uniforms when recovering anything from SCP-1704. These suits must be completely enclosed and release no liquids. There is to be no liquid sources around SCP-1704. All parts recovered from SCP-1704 are to be kept in an anti-static bag and locked in small cubes of similar design to the container of SCP-1704.

Description: SCP-1704 is a sentient, sapient computer discovered in Chernobyl, Ukraine in ██/██/████. It was discovered through traces of information bits left behind after a U.S. Surveillance Satellite was redirected off its initial course toward the direction of SCP-1704. SCP-1704, has the ability to control nearly all types of modernized electrical equipment and technology.

SCP-1704 is not influenced by any other technology, and cannot be accessed. All files on SCP-1704 are locked, double encrypted 128-bit files. Known incidents have shown that SCP-1704 can re-write any files of anything it has influence over.

Modernized technology with computer screens have observed a face of a humanoid-looking object appearing on it. The face seems to move and follow anyone in it's projected sight. SCP-1704 has the ability to talk to people around it, even without a microphone being present. The subject functions regardless of being plugged into any sockets, and is believed to house a power source.

SCP-1704 has been breached a few times. This is due primarily to the fact that it is considered incapable of causing harm. However, several occasions have proven this to be false in several tenses.

Test A - 4/13/2009

Subject: SCP-1704 Memory Banks
Procedure: Attempted open access of the subject's memory systems. Agent [INFORMATION EXPUNGED] and college assistant Dr. Nuke suited in rubber suits sealed and equipped to prevent the infection of anything outside SCP-1704. Attaching a small USB Flash Drive, Agent [DATA EXPUNGED] attempted to copy data. Files were not able to be moved. Dr. Nuke attempted the same process with no success.
Results: Files were unable to be copied. A contamination breach occurred.
Analysis: SCP-1704 can spread viral data to any electronics. All files found on the subject are inaccessible.