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SCP-3614 in its landing site, prior to emergence of SCP-3614-1

Item #: SCP-3614

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3614 is to be kept inside an airlocked chamber at all times, all personnel entering SCP-3614's chamber are to breathe solely from Foundation-provided oxygen tanks and must not, under any circumstances, attempt to initiate contact with an instance of SCP-3614-1. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination.

SCP-3614 resides on top of a red velvet pillow contained inside a plexiglass casing with narrow openings located on top, these openings are designed to prevent structural damage to the casing and, by extension, the containment chamber, during manifestations of SCP-3614-1.

Whenever SCP-3614-1 enters its "active" state, a coolant system should be activated to prevent it from reaching critical mass, afterwards, SCP-3614-1 is to be observed in its "roaming" state until it returns to its "inactive" state within SCP-3614.

Description: SCP-3614 is a meteorite of approximately 1.2m in length , SCP-3614 is composed mostly of Isotope 59Fe (Iron) and Isotope 62Ni (Nickel), its core is composed of a liquid substance of unknown composition. The core's temperature gradually cools down and heats itself back up throughout the course of a day, though that cycle can be altered or interrupted through activation of the room's coolant system.

SCP-3614-1 is an amorphous entity composed of the same substance found in SCP-3614's core, normally heated at temperatures close to 260º Celsius, SCP-3614-1 will emerge from the meteoroid should outside temperatures become cold enough. Upon emerging, SCP-3614-1 will initially appear in a liquid state, before surrounding itself with a gaseous membrane upon leaving SCP-3614's plexiglass container, for more information on this behavior, see Addendum 3614-A.

After finishing emergence, SCP-3614-1 will enter a "roaming" state, over the course of 10 minutes, SCP-3614-1 will move around its chamber, attaching itself to any heat source present; afterwards, SCP-3614-1 will begin "consuming" the oxygen located within its chamber, its gaseous membrane increasing in size accordingly, activation of the coolant system during this period will interrupt SCP-3614-1's actions, forcing it to return to its "inactive" state within SCP-3614.

Should SCP-3614-1 be allowed to consume all the oxygen located within its chamber, it will then proceed to liquefy parts of its gaseous membrane, now at a much higher temperature than before and utilize them to attempt to melt down the walls of its containment chamber, Task Force agents employed with containing SCP-3614-1 during this phase have expressed interest in utilizing this liquid as part of the Foundation's weapons arsenal.

Addendum 3614-A: SCP-3614-1 Emergence Protocol
The following is a written note left outside SCP-3614's containment chamber by Dr. Craig after improper maintenance of the cell led to a minor security breach by SCP-3614-1, resulting in the injury of 3 security personnel who required extensive psychiatric treatment afterwards.

"For God's sake, how many times do I have to tell you guys to never, and I mean NEVER remove 3614's casing. I know you guys think it's useless because the little gas cloud just passes right through, but the mere act of altering its consistency to be able to pass through the casing's openings causes immense strain in -1's ability to form its protective membrane. That earns us just enough time to activate the coolant to restrain it."

"Not only that, I heard some of you whispering in the cafeteria about how easy it would be to just close the openings on the casing to prevent -1 from emerging properly."


"Really? I mean, do any of you actually read the Recovery Logs of these things? Hang on, I'll pin that to the file so that you don't have any [EXPLETIVE] issues, hell, I swear this job will be the death of me."

-Sebastian Craig

Addendum 3614-B: SCP-3614 Recovery Log
SCP-3614-1's behavior was first observed during SCP-3614's recovery from its natural crash site in █████, Italy, the meteoroid was stored in an airtight box for aerial transportation to the nearest Foundation Site for emergency analysis, SCP-3614-1 then emerged from its casing and melted the plexiglass surrounding itself before, unknown to its drivers, consuming the oxygen contained inside the vehicle.

The subsequent crash nearby the local province of ████████ resulted in a minor containment breach for SCP-3614-1, though a Task Force was quickly dispatched to resolve the situation. Witnesses E██████, 39, M██████, 36 and L██████ R██████, 11, who had come in contact with SCP-3614-1's gas during the event of a "family picnic", were later found to have developed a resistance to the use of amnestics, subjects are currently housed in a local Foundation site as the Ethics Committee discusses the endpoint of their incarceration.

Notes: Study of SCP-3614-1's anomalous properties resulted in the discovery of a powerful asset for the Foundation's arsenal; refer to Experiment Log 3614 for more information.