Logan 005
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Front cover of SCP-XXX

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained a lock box large enough to fit it without bending or folding the pages. Any personnel found making unauthorized copies of SCP-XXX shall be demoted to Class D status.

Following incident 13 Delta, at least 2 researchers must be present at all times during testing of SCP-XXX.

Following Incident 17 Delta, no D-class are to be used in tests with SCP-XXX. In addition, SCP-XXX shall be relocated to a new site at least twice a year.

Description: SCP-XXX is a 1971 paperback edition of "The Anarchist Cookbook," by William Powell. Its difference from non-anomalous prints is that it has 191 pages. The extra 31 pages are located between chapters 2 and 3. They are not found in the table of contents, and will appear blank if the reader merely skims through the book.

SCP-XXX's effects only manifest after one has read at least 30% of the book's non-anomalous text. After this, upon reaching the extra pages, the subject will find a detailed set of instructions on how to overthrow the political or financial institution which has most affected them.

The 31 pages will remain in this state until someone else touches SCP-XXX, at which point the text will fade until it vanishes. The use of thick gloves and tweezers by people other than the subject minimizes this effect considerably.

SCP-XXX was discovered when a RMDNI1 operation in Sub-Saharan Africa reported unusual activity in South Africa. Within the span of a month, 5 separate coup d'états were successful in deposing the previous ruler. This plunged the country into chaos until the 6th dictator, Vice Admiral Paki Adisa, resigned in favor of a legitimate ruler to be determined through free elections held the next month.

The following line from his resignation speech was flagged as referencing a possible uncontained anomaly by Foundation personnel:

For we have found the book of war, and profited mightily from its word. But in our conquest we learned all to well what it meant to be gods, and so brother betrayed brother in pursuit of power. The cycle seems endless, and may very well be just that if I do not end it.

Paki Adisa was captured shortly after this speech by MTF-Lambda 17 ("Bag Checkers") at Heathrow Airport and brought into foundation custody under the guise of a passport discrepancy.

Addendum XXX-1: Paki Adisa Interview

NEW Addendum XXX-2: Incident 13D

Addendum XXX-3: Incident 17-Delta