Logan's Fourth Box O' Drafts
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The Humboldt Institute

Egregious Matters Division

The following presentation has been approved for viewing by members of the Egregious Matters Division, under special clearance Fearn-00

Identification: EM-001

Parker-Montgomery Grading: Eamhancholl

Oversight: As of its creation, the entrance to and the premises of the Humboldt Institute's Egregious Matters Division are to be concealed within the Ipiranga Museum in the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Management Protocol Gort-43 ("Closed To The Public") is to be placed in permanent effect within the management area designated by the protocol as Sector Alpha ("Main Building").


Dr. Mário Sérgio Souza e Silva

Biography: HEM-001, also referred to as "Dr. Mário Sérgio Souza e Silva", is the chief administrator for the Humboldt Institute's Egregious Matters division. Within his responsibilities are to handle, classify and conceal from the outside world the whole of the objects within the premises of the institute.

Dr. Mário was first introduced to the Humboldt Institute as a Junior Researcher, and even though the historical background of the institution is unclear, it is known that it was him who gave the Humboldt the name it carried throughout the years. Known by his peers as an advocate for the rights of the anomalous, Souza e Silva succesfully implemented measures that guaranteed that the Institute would not crowd itself with matters irrelevant to its existence by creating a Reinsertion Protocol targeting the readaptation of low-level anomalies to the outside world.

Dr. Souza e Silva's presence is widely recognized as fundamental to the Institute's existance. Through his oversight, the Humboldt is recognized as a primordial institution on its field.


  • September 21st, 1942
    • Mário Sérgio Souza e Silva is born in the city of Bragança Paulista, Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • August 13th, 1964
    • Mário Sérgio Souza e Silva is accepted in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro's School of Business and Administration. Through mutual connections, he would meet Fernanda Alves Cardoso, a Medicine graduate from the same institution. They start a romantic relationship that would, two years later, culminate on the founding of Biscoitos Saturnália: The first company Dr. Mário ever owned and administrated.
  • May 1st, 1969
    • Mário Sérgio Souza e Silva marries Fernanda Alves Cardoso in Bragança Paulista's Catedral Church, followed by a small party attended by acquaintances of both parts. There, he would meet Angelino Corrêa, a food industry tycoon with a keen interest in purchasing companies situated in Brazil's southeast in order to expand his business. Biscoitos Saturnália1 would be sold to Mr. Corrêa seven months later.
  • December 18th, 1971
    • Mário Sérgio Souza e Silva presents his doctorate thesis to UFRJ2's Business School
      • "The Impact of the Food Industry in the Establishment of Regional Dominance in the Regions of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro", CAPES, 1971
  • May 2nd, 1974
    • Dr. Mário Sérgio Souza e Silva is admitted as Junior Researcher for the finance department of Platão Sulamericana, a Brazilian cosmetic industry. Dr. Mário would then ascend the ranks of the company in the next three months, becoming Chief Financial Officer in July 18th of the same year.
  • April 10th, 1975
    • Platão Sulamericana declares bankruptcy following a scandal involving a mass layoff of its Research and Development team. The former employees incorporate and form Natura, a company of the same segment.
  • January 1st, 1976
    • Fernanda Alves Cardoso dies at home following a six month treatment for colorectal cancer. In the same year, Angelino Corrêa's Biscoitos Saturnália declares bankruptcy after the entrance of several foreign companies in the food segment.