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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to serve as a threshold to Special Research Enclosure XXXX-A at Site-127. Special Research Enclosure XXXX-A is to be kept inside a Standard Containment Cell.

Several monitoring channels connected to any edifications representing significant risk to mankind and ongoing reality are to be established on the inside of Special Research Enclosure XXXX-A and monitored through remotely operated probes. This risk group is to be constituted of any nations, groups or entities meeting the contents at least one (1) of the following designations:

  • Designation Θ-XXXX-01: Any Foundation sites containing Keter-class anomalies that have been deemed as a reversible K-Class End-Of-The-World scenario triggering entities or objects, whether considered contained or not. For the purpose of Designation Θ-XXXX-01, all non-disclosed containment procedures are to be unveiled to the purposes of containment under Special Clearance Eamhancholl-07.
  • Designation Θ-XXXX-02: Any Foundation-operated laboratories currently using abnormal entities that represent a risk to large human populational masses or valuable research personnel.
  • Designation Θ-XXXX-03: Any areas recognized as zones of active terrorism that may represent a threat to large populational masses or other ethnicities.
  • Designation Θ-XXXX-04: Any coverted warhead launch sites considered threatening to large populational masses of countries holding different ideological, political or religious basis.

The establishment of International Task Force Theta-19 ("Peacemongers") is to be registered immediately. International Task Force Theta-19 is to be constituted of several Foundation-operated belligerant assets placed in large continental masses fitting one of the aforementioned risk groups. At present, International Task Force Theta-19 is constituted of 49████ operatives divided in land forces, aircrafts and watercrafts. The divisions of International Task Force Theta-19 are to be established with the usage of coverted instances in cooperation with NATO Allied Land Commands.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a temporal anomaly originally located within an apartment building in Adairsville, Georgia. The anomaly consists of a rectangular-shaped oakwood door garnished by an engraved information plaque that reads, in gold-painted letters:


Further observation conducted by Foundation specialists with the usage of several assets in order to determine the nature of the phenomena has revealed that any objects able to measure time precisely will have their functions hastened by approximately thirteen (13) percent when inside any allowances using SCP-XXXX as a threshold. Any organisms or components holding properties that can be described as a timespan based function1 will begin to manifest approximately thirteen (13) percent faster when located within an area affected by SCP-XXXX.

The anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX seem to be able to accurately predict and transmit any events occurring on the outside of the range of the phenomenon through communication apparatus before the actual transmission is initiated. At time of writing, SCP-XXXX has been used in conjunction with several transmission receptors to anticipate several matters pertaining to a multitude of purposes, ranging from presidential elections to potentially dangerous scenarios. It has been estimated by research personnel that real-time remote monitoring through the usage of SCP-XXXX has influenced over 6██ preventive measures later acknowledged as effective by a posterior inspection.

The effects attributed to SCP-XXXX seem to ignore the principles of physics and reality as a whole. Preliminary experimentation with the usage of non-transmitting devices2 have shown that SCP-XXXX has an immediate effect on reality triggered by real-time observation. Whenever any type of object or organism is observed directly3 by a human being from the inside of an SCP-XXXX affected area, the observed object or being will be affected by the effects of SCP-XXXX until visual contact is ceased.

This situation has been recognized through telescopic observation of the Earth's orbitation cycle around Sol on the month of December in the year of 1███. It has been recognized by time monitoring conducted simultaneously with the execution of the experiment that the total hastening of Earth's orbit caused by the continuous observation resulted on the passing of the year of 1███ occurring three (3) days prior to the expected time in ongoing reality outside of SCP-XXXX. The formula for the calculation of the actual date in modern reality due to the effects of this observation is consisted of the following addition, applying the duration of years and months accordingly depending on the date: $Gregorian\,Date + Three\,Days = Factual\,Date$.