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Marie-Sophie Germain.

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All journals of mathematics and philosophy are to be screened by automated proof checking software to find instances of SCP-4000, focusing on articles regarding long-standing conjectures or disputed results, and articles that contradict previously estabilished results. All instances of SCP-4000 found are to be censored and the corresponding papers retracted.

A document detailing the logic steps involved in SCP-4000 is to be stored in a High-Value Item Vault at Storage Site-1313. To reduce accidental exposure to potential memetic hazards, the document is to use symbolic logic represented using reverse Polish notation to obfuscate readability, and no written descriptions or explanations. An additional copy of this information is in the possession of the Foundation's Memetics Department, as it is an essential component of Fae-class suggestibility agents.

The original proof of Fermat's Last Theorem by Sophie Germain has been suppressed from the public record and replaced by the sanitized version released by herself later; no further action is required in this regard. The original documents regarding this proof and Germain's discovery of SCP-4000 are stored in a different High-Value Item Vault at Storage Site-33; this includes the letters written by Germain to prominent public figures during this period.

Description: SCP-4000 refers to a proof method or syllogism, referred to as modus adductus, discovered by French mathematician Marie-Sophie Germain in the year 1804 during the process of devising a proof for Fermat's Last Theorem. Modus adductus, like similar methods such as modus ponens or modus tollens, consists of a series of steps to show that a statement is a consequence of other previously accepted statements. However, SCP-4000's anomalous effect lies in the fact that any statement deemed as a consequence of another via the use of modus adductus is accepted as true by anyone capable of understanding the logical steps involved, regardless of the actual relation between the two statements.

Addendum 4000-1: Historical Notes

The first known instance of SCP-4000 was found in a letter written by Germain to fellow mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss in 1804 detailing a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. Gauss' reply2 stated that, while he could not find any errors in Germain's proof, an intermediate step seemed to contradict a result proved by himself two years earlier. Following correspondence3 consisted of joint efforts by Germain and Gauss to find a mistake in either Germain's proof or Gauss' work, with no results. Eventually, Germain managed to isolate the problematic section of the proof and deduced the nature of SCP-4000; this was later corroborated by experimentation on Germain's part, by sending purposefully incorrect proofs (usually of nonsensical statements) to several prominent mathematicians such as Joseph-Louis Lagrange and Adrien-Marie Legendre, under various pseudonyms. While a few of the replies received pointed out that there might be an error in her work, none of them pointed to the SCP-4000 proof as faulty, instead citing false assumptions or mentioning potential new theories to explain the unexpected results.

Germain's notes contain extensive studies on SCP-4000 and its effect on human reasoning, along with philosophical notes regarding truth in mathematics and human knowledge; Germain's notes explicitly state a need to understand the logical steps involved in order for SCP-4000 to take effect. The framework set by Germain's work was a fundamental part of the early study of memetics, and in particular SCP-4000 appears to be the first recognized and studied anomalous meme in the Foundation's record.

Most of Germain's notes regarding SCP-4000 were never published, and her proof of Fermat's Last Theorem was retracted and replaced by a weaker version in a letter to Gauss from 1809. There is only one known instance of public SCP-4000 usage by Germain besides the aforementioned experimental letters, in which Germain wrote a letter intended to be read by Napoleon Bonaparte regarding the occupation of Braunschweig5 by French forces. In this letter, written in colloquial language but following the SCP-4000 structure, Germain stated the importance of protecting men of science and arts, and pleaded for Napoleon to avoid needless killing in the invasion. It is suspected that Napoleon's amateur interest in mathematics6 was enough for him to be susceptible to SCP-4000; however, it is unknown if the letter was actually read by him. It is known that Napoleon's policies regarding occupation of cities had a change around this period and that a squad of French soldiers was tasked with checking on Gauss' well-being during the occupation, facts that suggest that Napoleon did indeed receive the letter. However, the fact that General Pernetti, the leader of the squad, was known as a family friend of Sophie Germain allows for reasonable doubt to be held.

Addendum 4000-2: Relevant data obtained from the Alexandria Agreements

After signing the Alexandria Agreements, a treaty between the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition in order to share relevant historical data about anomalies, several pamphlets and propaganda posters dated from 1941 to 1943 were delivered to the Foundation for analysis and deemed to contain a form of SCP-4000, as an attempt to increase adherence and loyalty to the Third Reich. These posters were traced to German mathematician Oswald Teichmüller, known for its allegiance to the NSDAP.

As predicted by Germain, this propaganda had a very low success rate. However, it has prompted investigation in a joint Foundation-GOC effort to look for other instances of public usage of SCP-4000-like propaganda agents. So far, the following evidence has been found:

  • Declassified documents by the United States' Central Intelligence Agency detailing the support given to the "New Math" project to completely overhaul the mathematics curriculum in elementary schools, in order to introduce the basics of logic, set theory and other abstract areas of mathematics; these documents mention a unspecified "propaganda construct", presumed to be SCP-4000. This project appears to have been abandoned after the failure of the New Math project.
  • Several documents from the USSR's GRU Division "P" regarding proposals to use SCP-4000-like constructs as part of larger-scale projects. Most of them were denied due to the (at the time) recent discovery of better memetic agents for this purpose.
  • Abnormalities detected in the mathematics curriculum of China, flagged as possibly related to SCP-4000 by automated statistical analysis. However, no actual evidence of SCP-4000 usage has been found.

Containment procedures for SCP-4000 are currently undergoing revision to take into account the detection and suppression of further attempts to use SCP-4000 by civilian governments.

Some ideas for a 001 proposal that might never be completed?

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Item #: SCP+001

Object Class: Gevurah

Special Containment Procedures: In order to prevent SCP+001's effects to apply to the SCP+001 documentation, it has been given a nonstandard designation by associating it to a slot in the database indexed by -1. This has the side effect of rendering its SCP designation in the Foundation Database Archives as SCP+001; this is not to be fixed. The SCP+001 slot is to be permanently considered to be under Clearance Level 5 and all containment measures are to be handled by the O5 Council and personnel directly designated by the Council.

To prevent accidental leaking of sensitive or classified information, or disruption of normal Foundation activity by a malicious third party, the SCP-001 slot is to be rendered accessible only by the O5 Council and the Administrator, unless required by emergency protocols. The collection of files currently or formerly assigned to the SCP-001 slot is to be archived, subjected to the same restrictions as the current content of the SCP-001 slot, and protected by memetic countermeasures and non-anomalous information security techniques, together with several false, discredited and/or renumbered archives from the SCP Foundation archives in order to cast doubt on any accidentally released information. Any unauthorized changes to the contents of the SCP-001 slot may lead to a restructuring of the Foundation's organization and perceived objectives, and thus is to be deemed a high security threat; because of this, monitoring by the O5 Council and trusted personnel is to be carried at all times.

Due to SCP+001's effect, the servers containing all SCP-001 and SCP+001 documentation are currently using the Foundation's most reliable and protected equipment. Under the K-Class Information Security Protocol, if an ongoing K-Class Scenario renders the Foundation database unable to be reliably accessed, SCP+001 is to be reclassified as a Thaumiel-class anomaly and any SCP documentation deemed to be relevant to the ongoing scenario may be reassigned to the SCP-001 slot and clearance restrictions rescinded. SCP+001's effect should encourage any personnel in such a situation to deem SCP-001 relevant to the ongoing phenomena and thus attempt to access it, making emergency information trade easier.

Description: SCP+001 refers to the institutionalized meme and perception among Foundation personnel of the importance of the SCP-001 database slot to the Foundation's mission, history and objectives. This extends to all documentation stored in the SCP-001 slot, all SCP documentation cross-referencing SCP-001 and any anomaly classified as SCP-001, as long as there exists awareness of such an anomaly's classification as SCP-001.

Common beliefs include the following:

Due to SCP+001's nature, upon becoming aware of SCP-001's documentation, any Foundation personnel may experience a shift in beliefs and loyalty, depending on their previous ethical and moral convictions, personal background and other psychological antecedents. Statistical analysis complemented with Foundation-made psychological and sociological models have deemed this shift to be anomalous, due to its fast onset and permeability among Foundation personnel.

While, in some circumstances, this effect has been beneficial for the Foundation's long-term institutional goals, several incidents have shown SCP+001's capability to heavily disrupt Foundation operations, up to and including massive abandonment of containment procedures, usage of anomalies for personal gain and creation of splinter groups either aligned or contrary to the Foundation's objectives (see Incident Log, below, for examples of such disruptions). Due to this capability, SCP+001 was classified as Keter until the recent introduction of the more appropiate Esoteric Class EC-0014 "Gevurah".

It has been determined that being the original drafter, poster or a major editor of the latest iteration of the SCP-001 file does not provide any degree of immunity to its effects. However, individuals with a Memetic Resistance Index25 of 45 or higher, or mostly consistent and complete personal beliefs prior to exposure to SCP-001 have shown a lessened effect, being able to maintain core convictions and retain loyalties. Due to this, all personnel with Level 5/SCP+001 clearance have been screened for these qualities in order to reduce the effects of accidental exposure.

Even if not aware of SCP-001's contents, the memetic belief on the importance of the SCP-001 slot is shared almost universally among Foundation personnel. Despite the current countermeasures, analysis of Foundation intranet traffic shows a statistically abnormal preference for terms related to the current iteration of SCP-001 and means to circumvent Berryman-Langford memetic kill agents. Usage of distractive antimemetic filters, however, has markedly decreased the number of monthly attempts to breach the protective measures of this database slot.

Addendum 1: Notable Incidents

Incident 001-AC-SB: This incident, which led to the discovery and further description of the anomalous qualities of the 001 database slot, was the result of the accidental renumbering of SCP-7███ (code name "The Gate Guardian") to the SCP-001 slot by Senior Researcher Dr. ████ ████ after a database failure. Following this incident, a gradual shift in Foundation policies led to a focus on the containment and control of anomalies of Abrahamic origin, coupled with a sizable fraction of Foundation personnel formerly identifying themselves as agnostic or atheists showing interest or joining congregations of Abrahamic religions.

Conflict between Foundation employees who managed to retain beliefs aligned with secure containment procedures and SCP+001-affected personnel eventually led to a schism and the formation of a separate organization, which absorbed several small groups interested in the analysis of Abrahamic scripture, beliefs and artifacts in order to eventually become GoI-0016 "The Horizon Initiative". To prevent further loss of personnel to GoI-0016, a neutralization procedure was developed by the Memetics Department, which consisted of moving the information from the anomaly formerly classified as SCP-6███ (code name: "God's Blind Spot") to the 001 slot and its reclassification to Esoteric Class EC-0003 "Yesod". Due to the nature of this anomaly, which involves a place of reduced influence for EoI-007 (usually thought of as the Abrahamic God or a manifestation of it), this allowed the memetic implantation of beliefs diminishing the importance of anomalies related to EoI-007 and increased trust on the capability of Foundation policies to contain anomalies of highly religious significance, together with loyalty to the aforementioned policies.

Shortly after, it was discovered that the memetic influence acquired by information related to SCP-7███ during its period as SCP-001 remained, albeit diminished, after being returned to its original spot in the database; this is supposed to be a consequence of the widespread awareness of SCP-7███'s status as a former 001 entry. Thus, the entry SCP-7███ was deemed archived and a false backstory about the origins of GoI-0016 was introduced to Foundation archives, together with controlled use of amnestic and antimemetic treatment. To prevent unintended aftereffects, SCP-6███'s file was also archived after the deployed memetic countermeasures were deemed successful, and the SCP-001 slot was locked.

Incident 001-LK-VN: In an attempt to negate SCP+001's effects, Researcher ████ proposed assigning all SCP+001 documentation itself (provisionally stored as URA-████) to the SCP-001 slot. While this resulted in a gradual decrease in SCP-001-related traffic in the Foundation intranet and a heavy decrease in security violation attempts, it also led to widespread distrust regarding Foundation policies among researchers, citing possible manipulation from the O5 Council to reach personal ends instead of working for the Foundation's stated goals, and general discomfort with Foundation authority structure.

This state of distrust, besides fostering preexisting conflicts, eventually led to gross abandonment of containment procedures, drastically increasing the frequency and severity of containment breaches. Implementation of the previously unused Esoteric Class EC-0055 "Kušum" became commonplace and funding for several ongoing projects was reduced, hindering Foundation research and causing USD ███,███,███ in losses. Further crisis was averted by O5-8 overriding the edits made by Researcher ████ and moving the documentation for the highest-priority containment project active at the moment without infohazardous properties to the 001 slot. It is believed that SCP+001's properties eased the introduction of memetic triggers reinforcing the principles of containment among Foundation personnel.

Addendum 2: Currently, the set of active criteria for an anomaly's documentation to qualify for SCP-001 assignment is as follows:

  • Extremely high priority for the goals of the Foundation, or extremely high threat level, namely:
    • having agency or involvement on an inminent K-Class Scenario,
    • being capable of causing a high-profile Broken Veil Scenario,
    • having been part of an averted K-Class Scenario or Broken Veil Scenario, or being relevant to survival and restructuring efforts in the aftermath of such an event, and being currently under analysis to prevent further ocurrences of similar phenomena.
  • Lack of infohazardous properties, with emphasis on those that could hinder containment of anomalies or the structure of the Foundation itself.
  • Being subject to a large-scale disinformation campaign affecting Foundation personnel itself, but requiring some degree of permeation in Foundation site culture, either to reinforce or dissuade certain opinions and viewpoints.
  • Requirement of extraordinary special containment procedures, needing high levels of coordination among large quantities of Foundation-affiliated persons.
  • High risk of involvement of other Groups of Interest or hostile (groups of) entities, of anomalous origin or not, to acquire/use/take control/neutralize/destroy the anomaly, and extremely high risk of armed attack with strength comparable or superior to the Foundation's available combat forces at the moment.

These criteria are rescinded immediately if usage of the K-Class Information Security Protocol is required, e.g. when the Foundation is under active attack by an overwhelming hostile force or Keter/Tiamat/Apollyon or higher-class anomaly.

The current contents of SCP-001 and its related assets are classified Level 5/UNAMUNO PROTOCOL. Unauthorized attempts to access this information may result in failure of the ongoing UNAMUNO PROTOCOL and consequently a ZL-Class Total Narrative Collapse Scenario, and are punishable by immediate termination.