lolFoundation Sandbox

If you are interested in writing for this canon, feel free to list any ideas you have here. If you wanna write a story, list it in a collapsible below. WARNING, THIS PAGE CONTAINS HUGE, EPIC SPOILERS.

Current Writers(add yourself here if you've written something)

Roget(Project lead) - Long Live The King, My Brother The Ape, No One Else Will Protect Us, Overview of MTF Psi-7 "Home Improvement"
Eskobear - Through the Out-Land and What David and Tim Found There
FortuneFavorsBold - Free Reality Check!: Press Button
Ihpkmn - Send in the Clowns
TroyL - In God's Name, Middle Management
Gargus - The Czar Cometh
Clef - Personal Hell
Hercules Rockefeller - Date Night

Potential Writers(add yourself here if you wanna write)

Anaxagoras - Cops and Robbers
PaladinFoster - Unknown
Jerkeled - Senior Staff Scuffle
Reject - Rights story
Vivax - Unknown/Undecided
Wogglebug - Unknown
tretter - Doctor's Orders (Tale 50% done)
toadking07 - Parody of "Welcome Aboard"
Lantern2814 - Unknown


  • So, even in LolFoundation, the Foundation is allegedly a secret, right? So what's that like for all the civilians who are supposed to not know about the Foundation even as Clef is riding a motorcycle made out of sharks while playing electric guitars through New York at rush hour? — Anaxagoras
  • Clef teaching a group of 239, 818, and other reality bending kiddies(evolutions child)? About the history of benders day in a warped kindergarden setting. Possibly have him as the substitute — Roget
  • Something with Bijhan and Maclean. Those two are a perfect team. — Roget
  • Just a poster thing. Possibly as kens to do a poster page as a teaser for the lolfoundation story arc. — Roget
  • Senior Staff Shenanigans, but in this universe! Could be done solo or as a collab between us. I think the latter would work better personally. —Reject


So the general plot is an origin of how the lolFoundation universe came to be

things that happen:

Plot Arc snippets

Working Title: The World Before Later On

Tagline:Spanning the weeks before and the minutes directly after Bender's Day, when the world went to hell.

See if Kens will make a poster. That'd be bitchin'.

ACT ONE: - Two Weeks Before B-D

Prelude: When You Kill The Mockingbird (Agent Fritz kills a reality bender and inherits his powers)

  • Fingertips (Fritz rapidly rises through the ranks of the Foundation, to an almost absurd degree. Site 19 begins to become lulzy)
  • I'mma Be The Very Best (Reveal that Kondraki is under investigation, show the progression of Fritz's promotions, the effects on reality at site 19, and Kon realizing the source.)
  • Hey Dr. Kondraki, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal (Kondraki goes to make a deal with Fritz to blackmail him in exchange for not revealing he is a bender. O5's realize site 19 is compromised.)
    • COGWORK (Gears becomes suspicious when he realizes that the investigation into Kon has collapsed and things are getting crazy on the site.

Ideas for act one:

ethics committee is involved in the investigation

an alternate version of 682-Clef-Kondraki that is absolutely not lolfoundation. Like, it's just a shitty breach that ends badly. and the first thing he does upon becoming a reality bender is to make it sounds like this super awesome lizard rodeo shit

ACT TWO: - Five Hours Before B-D

  • Story Four
  • Story Five
  • Story Six
    • Interlude Two

ACT THREE: Benders Day

  • Story Seven
  • Story Eight
  • Story Nine
    • Interlude Three
  • Epilogue: Everything Right is Wrong Again