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Fig. A: SCP-13XX inscribing a message on a mannequin arm.

Item #: SCP-13XX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-13XX is to stay in observation room 384-D of Sector-28. No personnel may interact with SCP-13XX without clearance from two (2) Level 3 staff.

Description: SCP-13XX is a small sapient wristband that contracts to fit the wearer's wrist. It appears that the device can also be tricked into attaching itself to non-organic tissue such as a mannequin arm (see Fig. A). Approximately ten (10) seconds after contraction, SCP-13XX's bright red laser activates. The laser causes a slight stinging sensation, and will burn a digital-font message into the wearer's skin. The first message always reads "HELLO." Each message fades according to how long the sentence is. Letter size will also decrease according to sentence length.

The user can then talk to the device and ask questions. The entity will remember each person and their conversations of whoever it comes in contact with, as if to maintain a relationship. It is possible to manipulate the device when talked to frequently. If SCP-13XX feels that the questions become too personal, it will attempt to change the subject. Persistent asking of personal questions seem to anger SCP-13XX, and will cause the device's laser to fade to a light pink color and inject an unknown mild sedative drug into the user's bloodstream.

SCP-13XX was recovered by Agent ██████ from the storage room of a █████ store in ██████, ████████. Employees that were questioned about where the bracelet came from did not recognize the device, claiming "the store didn't sell that type of technology."