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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is allowed to be kept in a standard one (1) room living suite at Site-██. The floor, walls, ceiling, and door of the suite house a mesh Faraday cage, with square openings measuring 7x7 centimeters, to prevent SCP-XXXX from making mental connections. A 1x1x2 meter extension of the Faraday cage is in place in front of the door to the suite with a door of its own, preventing any unauthorized mental connections during any entry or exit. A permanent force of 3 security personnel is tasked with the protection and containment of SCP-XXXX (See Event Log XXXX-01).

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Caucasian male, approximately 56 years of age. It is 1.85 meters tall, weighs 91 kilograms, has black hair and greens eyes1, and examinations show that it possesses a normal human physiology. SCP-XXXX has not verbalized at any time during its containment other than when its ability is used, despite its increasing cooperativeness. The relation between its ability and apparent inability to communicate is unknown. SCP-XXXX's ability is not induced by writing, and allows standard interviews to be carried out.

SCP-XXXX's anomalous property is the ability to create a network of mental connections with other people, and the use of this network to draw information to answer verbal questions asked in a "yes" or "no" format. This information can be drawn from a networked person's knowledge or memories. SCP-XXXX has stated during interviews that it is aware of its ability and its limits. There appears to be no maximum effective range of SCP-XXXX's network, as any persons within SCP-XXXX's "range" (approximately 4.8 km) extend the network to include any persons within approximately 4.8 km of themselves. The methods used by SCP-XXXX to create a mental network, filter through its network, and obtain information from the networked persons is currently unknown.

SCP-XXXX's responses change with the availability of information and the content of the question asked. When it can not form mental connections, or any networked persons do not posses appropriate information, SCP-XXXX responds "I don't know the answer." It also seems to be able to judge the trustworthiness of some information from mental connections.2 If no mental connections can be made to satisfy its preferences, it will use the information shared by a majority of connected persons (See Test Log XXXX-20) - however, the response will start with "I believe…".

Any persons that SCP-XXXX uses to gather information to answer a question will immediately think of the required information, whether it requires the person's memory or knowledge (See Test Log XXXX-8).

Capture: SCP-XXXX was originally captured during a raid by The Serpent's Hand on Site-06-3. Reinforcements from a nearby location spotted SCP-XXXX using thermal cameras while en route to Site-06-3, and captured SCP-XXXX. No significant resistance was made by SCP-XXXX. After The Serpent's Hand was forced from the Site, SCP-XXXX was immediately taken into questioning and interrogation for information regarding The Serpent's Hand. Interrogations continued for 5 weeks, during which SCP-XXXX gave no information relevant to the Serpent's Hand or its operations3 Other than answering those questions, it never spoke to Foundation personnel, and maintained an psychical attitude described by interrogators as "cocky and arrogant" for the first 3 weeks of interrogation. For the last 2 weeks, personnel remarked that SCP-XXXX was "sobering up to the reality of his situation", and displayed more cooperative behavior despite still not answering any questions regarding The Serpent's Hand (See Addendum XXXX-1).

After 5 weeks of interrogation, officials looking through interview transcripts noticed SCP-XXXX's unusual pattern of speech and how its apparent cooperativeness in the last 2 weeks of interrogation has not altered said pattern. This created initial interest in SCP-XXXX as being anomalous, and personnel were instructed to continue interrogations while also engaging in slight testing through the placement of "yes" or "no" questions not directly linked to the interrogations. Once evidence of SCP-XXXX's ability was compiled and analyzed, it was given an SCP classification.

Event Log XXXX-01: 7 weeks after initial capture, The Serpent's Hand raided Site-06-3 again, believed to be due to SCP-XXXX's high value as an instrument for information gathering. During the raid, SCP-XXXX managed to escape its temporary suite and successfully navigated its way partway to an exit, but was captured by a guard, after narrowly avoiding capture by several others on its way to the exit. It become increasingly aware how valuable SCP-XXXX could be to other groups of interest, and security measures must reflect this. SCP-XXXX moved to Site-██ and containment procedures have been updated to prevent a similar event in the future.

Addendum XXXX-1: Despite recent interviewers phrasing questions in the correct way to activate SCP-XXXX's ability, it still does not respond with any information, and instead responds "I don't know the answer." Since this matches the response offered when no mental connections can be made or no appropriate information can be attained by SCP-XXXX, it is believed that The Serpent's Hand has the technical ability to block SCP-XXXX's ability.