Lord Crane
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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:


SCP-xxxx-A-1 and SCP-xxxx-A-2 are to be stored together in a chamber measuring 12m by 12m with a height of 3m. SCP-xxxx-A-1 is to be equipped with a remote operated kill-switch. SCP-xxxx-A-2 is to be kept in a secure locked container bolted to the ground near the device, only to be opened with permission of head researcher. All personnel within SCP-xxxx's containment chamber are required to be tethered to the chamber's wall via a safety winch system located near the door. The room is to be located underground, connected to the facility by a 35m long corridor. The corridor is to have a locked door at both ends with no less than three motion detectors along its length set to activate an alarm if tripped. No other structures are to be constructed within 25m of SCP-xxxx's containment chamber. Researchers are not to enter the containment chamber themselves, instead performing observations via cameras installed in the containment chamber.

Addendum xxxx-4: After Incident xxxx-3 motion detectors are to be installed in SCP-xxxx's containment chamber and set to activate an alarm when triggered. The indentation on SCP-xxxx-A-1 is to be covered by a rubber plug. All further testing with SCP-xxxx is forbidden by order of O5-██.

Description: SCP-xxxx is comprised of a metal device, hereafter called SCP-xxxx-A-1, and a stone disk, hereafter called SCP-xxxx-A-2.
SCP-xxxx-A-1 is a device of unknown manufacture measuring 1.2m tall. SCP-xxxx-A-1's casing has no markings, and has no seams along its edges. A slanted portion near the top of the device features a circular indentation measuring 16cm in diameter and 1.25cm deep, as well as an unlabeled switch, which was in what has been determined as the 'off' position at time of recovery. A small aperture is located on the top of the device, and examination of the insides of SCP-xxxx-A-1 through the aperture has revealed a material similar to that of SCP-xxxx-A-2 lining a short tube inside of SCP-xxxx-A-1. X-ray and thermal imaging has been unable to determine the inner structure of SCP-xxxx-A-1. SCP-xxxx-A-1 has no visible power source and is inoperable unless combined with SCP-xxxx-A-2.

SCP-xxxx-A-2 is a disk made of an unknown material similar in appearance to magnetite measuring 16cm in diameter and 2.5cm thick. Both sides of SCP-xxxx-A-2's surface is engraved with a number of runes of an unknown meaning. SCP-xxxx-A-2's edges are smooth, as are both sides where engravings are not present. SCP-xxxx-A-2 exhibits no magnetic properties, and resisted attempts to scratch its surface with a steel drill bit. Further testing has been prohibited to avoid fracturing SCP-xxxx-A-2.

SCP-xxxx's primary effect manifests when SCP-xxxx-A-2 is placed in the indentation on SCP-xxxx-A-1 and the switch is flipped to the on position. This causes the generation of SCP-xxxx-B-1.

SCP-xxxx-B-1 is a spatial anomaly that is seemingly created by SCP-xxxx-A-1 when combined with SCP-xxxx-A-2 and switched on. Upon generation SCP-xxxx-B-1 appears as a 44cm wide transparent gray sphere with indistinct edges hovering in the air approximately 50cm above the aperture on SCP-xxxx-A-1's uppermost surface. SCP-xxxx-B-1 grows at a constant rate of 30cm per hour, expanding the sphere of its effect at the same rate. When SCP-xxxx-A-1's switch is placed in the off position SCP-xxxx-B-1 shrinks at a rate of 55cm per hour until it vanishes completely. SCP-xxxx-B-1 neither generates nor reflects electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength.

SCP-xxxx-B-1 exhibits an attractive force on all objects within 10m of its surface. This attractive force is not fully understood, and is not magnetic or gravitational in its origin. Objects within SCP-xxxx-B-1's field of influence move towards SCP-xxxx-B-1 at a constant velocity regardless of the object or SCP-xxxx-B-1's size or mass, measured as 2ms-1. While this force is seemingly capable of lifting an object of any mass, it has proven incapable of breaking tethers capable of withstanding 200N of force. SCP-xxxx-B-1's effect pulls object not fully inside its field towards SCP-xxxx-B-1 as long as approximately 40% of the object is within 10m of SCP-xxxx-B-1's surface. SCP-xxxx-A-1 and SCP-xxxx-A-2 are unaffected by SCP-xxxx-B-1's attractive effect. Objects coming into contact with SCP-xxxx-B-1's surface are drawn into it and vanish. Objects larger than SCP-xxxx-B-1's current size coming into contact with its surface appear to undergo spaghettification, vanishing into SCP-xxxx-B-1 without any detectible changes in their velocity. No objects absorbed by SCP-xxxx-B-1 have been recovered.

Both SCP-xxxx-A-1 and SCP-xxxx-A-2 were recovered from ████████████, from the laboratory of Professor ██████. The professor and several of his laboratory assistants were reported missing, attracting the attention of the Foundation. Professor ██████ and his three laboratory assistants were last seen heading to the laboratory. When Foundation agents arrived, the laboratory was found to be empty but for SCP-xxxx-A-1 and SCP-xxxx-A-2, which were separated at time of recovery. Class A amnestics were administered to law enforcement personnel who had investigated the laboratory.

Addendum xxxx-2: SCP-xxxx-A-2 has been determined to exhibit a secondary psychic effect. Subjects within 30m of SCP-xxxx-A-2 and aware of both SCP-xxxx-A-1 and SCP-xxxx-A-2's existence experience thoughts that they should combine SCP-xxxx-A-1 with SCP-xxxx-A-2 and activate it. Multiple subjects have described the sensation as, "A little voice in [the subject's] head."

Incident xxxx-1:

Incident xxxx-2:

Incident xxxx-3: