Lord Kaarvani
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Item #: SCP-2161

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2161 is to be stored on Site-██ within a standard storage room, covered by an opaque fabric. It's dossier is to be contained in a standard code-locked file cabinet inside SCP-2161's storage room. Following interview 2161-Alpha, an armed team is to stand guard 24 hours a day in front of SCP-2161's storage room and prevent any access to SCP-2161 or the dossier. Any intrusion in the room without authorization will result in detention and the administration of Class-A amnestics; in the case of an intruder trying to access the dossier or knowing the activation code of SCP-2161 without authorization, termination of the intruder is mandatory whether SCP-2161 was activated or not. Access to SCP-2161 or the dossier requires authorization of Site-██'s director. Copies or photographs of the dossier are unauthorized regardless of the motive.

Description: SCP-2161 is a 6 m x 6 m fresco in the style of Soviet-era propaganda posters painted on a brick wall. The fresco represents young men and women wearing WW2-era Soviet military fatigues performing various training exercices such as running on a track, hand-to-hand combat and target practice with rifles while a figure (refered from now on as SCP-2161-1) dressed in a white general outfit, a black officer cap and an obscured face, stands in the middle of the fresco with it's arms crossed. On the bottom of the fresco, a bold black text states: "POWER FOR THE GREATER GOOD AWAITS THOSE WHO DESIRE IT".

SCP-2161 is activated when a subject, regardless of age, gender or nationality, says aloud the activation formula contained in the dossier. Subject will then fall in a comatose state for several hours. During the comatose phase, the subject will find themselves floating in a featureless black void, with SCP-2161-1 facing them.
SCP-2161-1's outfit changes depending on the imagination of the person exposed to it's anomalous effects, but always represents the subject's vision of a powerful warrior or a skilled military leader. It also will always wear full-body concealing white clothing (or armor) and a black headgear. The only visible part of his anatomy is his face, which every subject describes as shadowed or too dark to distinguish any facial features, regardless of it's current headgear. SCP-2161-1 will ask several questions regarding the subject's origins, wishes and why SCP-2161-1 should grant said wish. Questions to SCP-2161-1 were never answered until Interview 2161-Alpha.

SCP-2161-1 possesses a form of mind-reading, as it proved capable of accurately detecting if the answers provided by the subject are deliberately false

On 21/01/19██, Foundation agents posing as Federal Security Service (FSB) employees found a dossier in the KGB archives in Moscow, Russia. Said dossier, titled "Order n° 147" detailed the position, effects and activation procedure of SCP-2161. The Foundation identified the coordinates given by the dossier as a former KGB base hidden below an abandoned asbestos factory in the city of Tolyatti, Russia. Mobile Task Force Kappa-21 "Lubyanka's Wardens", posing as an asbestos cleaning crew, obtained SCP-2161 on 04/02/19██ before transferring it to Site-██. Foundation agents in Russia managed to erase all traces of the dossier and of SCP-2161 from official records.

Addendum 2161-A: Tests following exposure to SCP-2161

Test A1 - 21/08/20██

Subject: D-Class personnel D-17898.
Procedure: D-17898 was exposed at 10:59 to SCP-2161, then fell comatose for 1 hour and 3 minutes. SCP-2161-1 described as wearing a traditional samuraï armor, complete with helmet.
D-17898 panicked and refused to answer the questions asked while begging to leave. SCP-2161-1 became irritated after a few seconds, then yelled : "Come back when you have the guts !" ; D-17898 then woke-up. Polygraph tests confirmed his affirmations.
Results: D-17898 didn't gain any new skill following exposure.
Analysis: Confirmation that SCP-2161 is active and works as indicated by the documents seized by Mobile Task Force Kappa-21. Supposition that SCP-2161-1's clothing changes depending of the nationality of the exposed individual ; further tests are required.

Test A3 - 07/09/20██

Subject: D-Class personnel D-16147, American citizen.
Procedure: D-16147 was exposed at 18:30 to SCP-2161, then fell comatose for 11 hours and 46 minutes. SCP-2161-1 described as wearing the uniform of a United States Marine Corps (USMC) drill instructor.
D-16147 was asked two; D-16147 then woke-up. Polygraph tests confirmed his affirmations.
Results: D-16147 showed basic knowledge of military-created or military-used hand-to-hand combat styles such as MCMAP, Krav Maga and Eskrima. Instructors in the aforementionned disciplines estimate that D-16147 level of skill corresponds to 20 to 25 hours of regular training in all disciplines.
Analysis: Confirmation that SCP-2161-1 shows the ability to read the psyche of the people requesting his services and decides on his own to grant the request of training.