SCP 4564-B
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Item #: SCP 4564-B
Object Class:Euclid Safe

(This page is restricted to anyone reading and is soon to shredded)


Description: SCP 4564-B is a series of Cardboard Boxes' with various measurements depending on size. SCP 4564-B has the capability to impermanently blind whoever adorns SCP 4564-B on their head, until SCP 4564-B is removed from the cranium of the user. Further investigation, lead by Dr ██████ (Level █) and Dr Smith (Level 3) have determined that the objects can not cause any casualties through Asphyxia; however, long exposures to SCP 4564-B is thought to cause severe psychological trauma to the user.

Special Containment Procedures: Any staff members that have mounted SCP 4564-B on their head are to be sent to a psychological evaluation unit at the end of the month; any Class D personnel are to be ████████████ if they show signs of psychological trauma.
SCP 4564-B is to be contained in a 11'x11' (120 square feet of floor area) with a water tank above the item to soak the cardboard material if the box becomes a substantial threat (the water tank depends on the SCP'S size). SCP 4564-B also must have polystyrene stuffed inside at all times to reduce the chance of psychological trauma. Personnel must have permission from Dr Smith (Level 3) to move the SCPS' around the facility, failure to comply will lead to termination.

Addendum 096-B: Latest research, lead by Dr ██████ (Level █) has discovered that SCP-096 shows an attraction towards SCP 4564-B. The Foundation normally does not let Keter and Euclid SCPs have any sort of "luxury" however, we see this as a great way to further contain SCP-096 while its termination order (formally requested by Dr ███) is reviewed.

Addendum Delete: SCP 4564-B will be removed from the facility as soon as all the fucking polystyrene is taken out to conserve space as Head Researcher Dr ██████████ (Level █) has found out that the darkness emitted from inside SCP 4564-B is natural and exposures to the item can not cause severe psychological trauma. Head Researcher Dr ██████████ (Level █) position is, at the minute, under review. Damn, it's going to be a bitch getting SCP-096 to give up SCP 4564-B…