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Dear O5 Council,

Regrettably, I cannot talk to you in person and I apologize for that. While it may seem alarming that letters were sent to your personal addresses, I assure you that there is nothing dangerous inside here… aside from paper cuts.

Oh, apologies for my sense of humor. Perhaps now is not the best time. I digress, your Foundation is one of the world's most powerful organizations in the paranormal world. Your knowledge, resources, and conviction are astounding. However, you choose to divert those resources to containing these artifacts and in the process has caused much death and misery. You have also trampled on human rights by imprisoning the more human of your 'SCPs', despite the fact they have proven to be relatively harmless.

Still, your efforts to serve the human world have proven admirable. I was especially pleased with the way you handled that poor girl's condition. And I have to admit, you are definitively more agreeable than your paranormal counterparts in the United Nations. My observations in Sigma-3 have also proved enlightening to the slow change within your ranks.

Ending this letter, I hope to influence your conduct in the future to act in a more humane and acceptable way. However, even if you do not change, I will not be terribly miffed either. Understandably, I am most likely not the first person to point these out and will certainly not be the last. Please, do not waste resources attempting to contain or find me, as your forces will not succeed.