Item #: SCP-3134

Object Class: Euclid Keter

SCP-3134 must be contained in a sound proof, windowless concrete room. There must be one way glass looking into the cell on one or more of the walls with at least two security officers watching SCP-3134 at all times. Monthly checks for discrepancies within the cell must be as brief as possible.

Discovery: SCP-3134 was first discovered on ██/██/1942, two days after the battle of ██████████. Two Soviet soldiers out on a reconnaissance mission discovered SCP-3134 halfway submerged in the snow. The soldiers' body temperatures dropped significantly while they walked past the specimen (when they returned to camp, their temperatures were measured at an average of 63.92 degrees).

Description: SCP-3134 is an emaciated human right forearm measuring about 30 centimeters in length. SCP-3134 is devoid of natural pigmentation save for discoloration on and around the fingers. It appears to be severely frostbitten along with several bullet-holes (two on the hand, and one on the upper arm. Subjects within the same room of the specimen have been known to experience chills, cold sweats, and in severe cases, frostbite. Note: When SCP-3134 was first discovered, SCP-3134 was wearing Soviet military uniform.

Behavior: The specimen is relatively peaceful, but becomes severely uncomfortable when around its captors and those who are armed, no matter who and what their intentions are. This could be an effect of SCP-3134 being riddled with bullet holes, possibly receiving them during The Battle of ██████████, however the true reason why weapons trigger aggressive behavior is currently unknown. It will become highly irritable, hence making it a necessity to conduct cell checks as quickly as possible if no class D personnel are available. If SCP-3134 feels intimidated or infuriated, SCP-3134 will proceed to emit a cry typically around 200 decibels, sometimes reaching ███ decibels. Some of those who have survived their encounters with SCP-3134 have reported that SCP-3134’s cry sounds similar to that of a young man. There is a [Data Redacted]% mortality rate for those who have encountered SCP-3134, and 90% of those who have survived have had permanent hearing loss.

The cry ruptures the victim’s insides, causing all victims to internally bleed, and in some cases cause their internal organs to explode. SCP-3134 then extracts the fluids from its victim/victims and freezes the bodily fluids of the recently deceased to form itself a functioning body made of frozen bodily fluids. Note: SCP-3134 only freezes its victim’s fluids when there is an absence of water. Any victim that SCP-3134 kills will only provide it with fluids, making him larger, and a much bigger threat. Therefore it is imperative that any deceased must be immediately removed from SCP-3134’s cell.

The largest size SCP-3134 has ever recorded to have grown to is ███ meters tall. Due to SCP-3134's ability to absorb liquid matter and add to its own mass, SCP-3134 has a threat level of Red. It is unknown what would occur if SCP-3134 made its way to an open body of water. However, there is a possibility that the specimen could absorb entire oceans if enabled to escape, in turn causing an apocalyptic scenario. Due to its severely volatile nature, SCP-3134's containment chamber requires Level 5 clearance access.

The frozen body SCP-3134 procures itself is a bipedal humanoid made purely of ice. All of the body appears to be humanoid, save for SCP-3134’s left arm and SCP-3134’s head. The left arm can be morphed into a multitude of shapes and sizes (depending on the quantity of liquids in the environment). Dr. ████’s research team has observed SCP-3134 form blades, hammers, and even [Redacted]. SCP-3134’s head is a solid cluster of ice measuring approximately 14 centimeters wide and 16 centimeters tall. The head also doubles as a weapon of sorts, having blades of ice covering nearly all of the head, save for the back of it. This was first observed on ██/██/20██ during a near breach situation. SCP-3134 had its arms blown off by the security that was present at the time. As a last resort self defense tactic, SCP-3134 was reported to have charged at Sgt.███████ and slammed against its head into his chest, in turn puncturing his left lung and rupturing several arteries near his neck.

Lt.████████, head of security in Site █ has requested that SCP-3134 be transferred to a more secure sector of the facility. Order currently awaiting approval by Dr. █████████.