Object Class: Keter (outside of SCP-XXXX containment front group possession (Including in Foundation Possession)) / Safe (If properly held by an SCP-XXXX containment front group)

Special Containment Procedures: Objects with the SCP-XXXX classification in Foundation possession are to be immediately transferred to one of the properly designated SCP-XXXX containment front groups. If such transfer is not immediately available, an SCP-XXXX class object should be immediately transferred to a location with only passive, non-threatening security methods (locked doors and cameras are allowed for this purpose, but by no means should any non-disposable personnel or any non-silent alarms be used) until a transfer to such an SCP-XXXX containment front group can be arranged.

If the SCP-XXXX does not have a current designated holding organization, consult the "SCP-XXXX Containment Front Group Directory" (Document XXXX-1) to find a properly designated SCP-XXXX containment front group (If unsure of the nature of the SCP-XXXX Phenomena in play, start from those groups labeled "unknown-accepting"). Please note that not all front groups accept all SCP-XXXX class objects; before transfer, permission should be sought from the designated "Receiving Office" listed in the Directory.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the general designation given to almost any object1 which is subject to one of the "SCP-XXXX Phenomena", which makes direct possession of the item in question by the Foundation undesirable.

The first recognized version of a SCP-XXXX Phenomena was SCP-XXXX-P-1 (aka "True Kalisti"), which consists of the fact that anybody possessing an object subject to "True Kalisti" is subject to violent attack by one or more Anomalous-Aware Groups, with secrecy offering no protection from such attacks.

As such, the best method of current containment for such objects was decided to be "reverse containment"—the creation of various front groups, designed to be infiltrated by most groups who are capable of infiltration and interested in the object. SCP-XXXX has since been expanded to cover other phenomena that are contained in the exact same manner.

Of note is that there are many SCP-XXXX Phenomena; but since all of them are contained by the SCP-XXXX protocol, above, it was decided by the Foundation as a whole that filing them all under one SCP was of greater utility than having, in effect, dozens of duplicate SCP entries.

Note that the majority of SCP-XXXX-listed objects pose cognito and infohazards. This article has been carefully written and edited to avoid mentioning such items, as being aware of some of them results in an SCP-XXXX Phenomena all on its own.

Some examples of SCP-XXXX Containment Front Groups, and objects subject to various SCP-XXXX Phenomena that are safe to discuss:

  • Marshal, Carter, and Dark Secure Site 28. A bunker, officially owned by Marshal, Carter and Dark, where several GoI openly guard several objects under the SCP-XXXX protocol. All groups except the Chaos Insurgency, the Global Occult Coalition, and a few others (mainly those who, like the CI and GOC, would attempt to destroy or steal objects regardless of their value or dangerousness), are welcome to have presences.
  • The Guardians of the Sacred Star. An organization primarily dedicated to containment of SCP-████2, The Guardians are also voluntarily holding on to certain SCP-XXXX objects. Notably, the protection offered by SCP-████'s effects means that they can contain certain SCP-XXXX objects relatively safely.
  • SCP-XXXX-0003 is a book that is the focus of an entity capable of forging communications from several Groups of Interest (in this case, The Serpent's Hand, The Church of the Broken God, the Global Occult Coalition, and the Foundation itself)3. While all four groups quickly caught on to this entity's forged communications involving the object, the entity's ability to always find SCP-XXXX-003 combined with SCP-XXXX-0003's otherwise low value and indestructibility made possession or containment of SCP-XXXX-0003 difficult in many ways for all four groups. It is currently being held in the [REDACTED] Library, where it is openly displayed to the public in a glass case (turned to a non-anomalous page)4.
  • SCP-XXXX-0026, the currently most "self-dangerous" SCP-XXXX object, is a doorway through which extra-dimensional travelers are occasionally accidentally redirected. In this case, the SCP-XXXX Phenomena is the fact that frequently the travelers are of sufficient importance to have rescue attempts shortly thereafter, or are dangerous in and of themselves. XXXX-0026's designated Containment Front Group is [REDACTED], a group whose official remit is to temporarily house said travelers, and attempt to get them in communication with entities or organizations capable of sending them on to their intended destination or bring them home. (The "self-danger" comes mainly from two classes of misdirected: prisoners being transferred, and those intending to attack their intended destination.)5
  • SCP-XXXX-0059 (also known as SCP-████-3) is a continuously updating list of potential targets for SCP-████. As SCP-████ becomes more dangerous with each successful attack, and SCP-████ targets only [REDACTED], which includes members of certain Anomalous-Aware Groups6, the SCP-XXXX protocol is used to help contain SCP-████. Currently housed at MC&D Secure Site 28.7
  • SCP-XXXX-0097 is a coin that causes the organization holding it to experience more extreme luck, both good and bad (in more scientific terms, more low probability events). As its effect seems to only spread among those in relatively close contact, and the effect (while too dangerous to be held in proper Foundation possession) is also of use in certain research, the SCP-XXXX Containment Protocol was felt to be appropriate.
  • SCP-XXXX-00104, an otherwise mundane diary. Mentioned here because the SCP-XXXX Phenomena is entirely mundane (almost unique among SCP-XXXX Phenomena): Two factions of a religious GoI would engage in violent confrontation to keep it out of the hands of enemies, of which each counts the other as; further, each faction has methods of locating this "relic". The diary was handed off to an SCP-XXXX containment front group in hopes of keeping the peace between these two groups, and the front group in question agreed to do so.

Document XXXX-3782: "Quick Reference for Potential SCP-XXXX Assignees"

Addendum: A Note From [REDACTED], SCP-XXXX Head Administrator

A few frequently asked questions:

Q: Why are so many different kinds of artifacts, with so many different kinds of phenomena filed under this?
A: Because they all have the same containment protocol: Get them out of direct Foundation possession, and into the hands of an appropriate front group, which is at least theoretically is not under direct Foundation control. While the Foundation has vast resources, they are also finite in several respects; in this case, at least one of the finite resources are cognitive—SCP files are supposed to be for things more or less in Foundation containment, and these, by definition, are not directly under Foundation containment.

Q: What's "Kallisti"?
A: It is the name used "in house" at many of the SCP-XXXX front groups for SCP-XXXX objects and phenomena. At one time, it was felt that a new object class ("Kallisti") was needed, but the current compromise was deemed sufficient; however, the name stuck.8

Q: What's with the leading 0s?
A: As the Foundation has many, many documents relating to SCP-XXXX front groups and containment, it was decided that to most readily differentiate between objects and documentation that a leading "0" was to be used for all SCP-XXXX object numbering. Further, the leading 0s help Foundation personnel to differentiate between SCP-XXXX subfiles and mainline SCPs files.

Q: I think I have a new SCP-XXXX object; what are the procedures to get it declared such?
A: See Document XXXX-2, "How to Get An Object Declared SCP-XXXX". Note that if the objects direct effects would qualify for Euclid or Keter, it will probably be rejected.


Q: Why is (blank) an SCP-XXXX?
A: Exceptions are frequently made on a case-by-case basis by the O5 and SCP-XXXX Administration Division. The main consideration is, always, twofold: "Is this something the Foundation cannot hold onto safely?" and "Is it secure in the hands of an appropriate front group?" Just about any object that answers "Yes" to both may be classified as a SCP-XXXX object.9

Q: What about entities and people?
A: There are a few living entities who have been classified as SCP-XXXX, but they are very much the exception. None of them were capable of anything resembling thought. All such exceptions require the permission of the Ethics Committee and the SCP-XXXX Administration Division, and we, at least, are probably not going to be making any more such exceptions, due to past experiences with SCP-XXXX-0██, SCP-XXXX-0██, and SCP-XXXX-0███.

Q: Why are we working with (blank)?
A: Two answers:

  • With the exception of the Chaos Insurgency, none of the various Anomalous-Aware groups are directly opposed to our continued existence, merely to our holding of certain SCPs.
  • From the perspective of the Foundation: This offers a significant opportunity to spy on known members of the GoI, normalize some of our members as ordinary human beings to a portion of their membership, and engage in diplomacy.10

Q: Why are we allowing (blank) access to SCP level objects?
A: Usually, one of three reasons, listed here in order from most to least common:

  • The object is of sufficiently low value that the effort to keep it away from non-Foundation hands is felt to be unnecessary.
  • It's the only way to contain the object, or some other SCP. (See SCP-XXXX-059, for an example of the latter.)
  • It's part of a "shared custody" agreement—while the Foundation does not normally condone such things, this is sometimes the only way for the Foundation to gain access to certain items of interest.

Q: No, seriously, why are (blank) and (blank) working together? They hate each others' guts! This whole thing makes no sense in the reality I'm used to! What's really going on here?
A: Here's a few possibilities, if you don't believe the official version above:

  • Sometimes, Anomalous-Aware Groups, for reasons of Realpolitik, need to engage in backchannel diplomacy, or have need for semi-neutral ground to conduct in-person exchanges on. Even a group as fanatical as the Church of the Broken God has members who are pragmatic enough to see these needs. These sites and groups offer them, and us, a way of filling said needs while avoiding "official" contact (remember, usually everybody's at least pretending not to be a member of a Anomalous-Aware Group).
  • SCP-XXXX is really a bunch of sites where peace has anomalously broken out between groups that usually hate each other, and the "Kallisti" stuff is just part of a method used to contain these anomalies.
  • We needed to have a way to pass certain low-value artifacts into foreign GoI possession for the sake of avoiding further conflict (or gaining access to another SCP object), and this provides us with a good method for doing so.
  • This SCP is being used to internally cover up for joint operations with groups we are usually on hostile terms with.
  • This SCP file actually does come from an alternate universe from your own, and is filtering into your universe's SCP Foundation Database through a related anomaly. (Ask your colleagues and your superior, if you don't believe it, but this kind of thing does happen occasionally.)
  • The official version found in the Description for SCP-XXXX is mostly truthful, but one or more of the above is also true.
  • Any combination of the above.11