Item #: SCP- XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a 3 m by 9.1 m (10 ft by 30 ft ) room at Minimal security site 47. It's room contains a large red, leather chair for it to sit in while in front of a large roaring fireplace, with two long bookcases placed up against the longer walls. Inquiries as to how these articles of furniture arrived here are so far inconclusive. The only request SCP-XXXX has made so far is for published material for it to read. Due to the overall submissive behavior of the subject, it is considered permitted for now.

Special care however is noted that if the subject calls out to any staff member by name while in the room, (how it acquires this knowledge is so far, unknown) they are required to stay and converse with it as long as it wishes. Members who have chosen to deny or ignore the subject's request were found a day later in their bedroom, committing suicide in a brutal, ritualistic manner. If at any time after a personnel enters the room and the video feed to the room cuts out, there is to be no, repeat no action taken to enter the room until the feed returns or the staff member who entered has started to scream.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a young humanoid male, blond hair that reaches his shoulders and wearing a fine tailored suit. Overall appearance has been noted in reports as being "attractive" and "alluring" even if only getting side glances. Is capable of human speech with a high intellect on par with some of our more experienced staff members, with a charisma to match. He is noted in knowing personal matters of every member he converses with and tends to regard everyone he meets with a flattering and helpful personality, willing to offer simple, if sometimes questionable actions to solve their everyday problems. Yet if anyone who enters brings up the subject or even the mere mention of anything involving Abrahamic religions, his personality is noted as turning sarcastic and condescending.

SCP-XXXX was discovered in Paris outside of a local cafe after staff member saw purely by accident the flash of a nearby thunderstorm cause the subject to give off a shadow that contained quote "…long pointed horns coming off of his head and three pairs of avian wings protruding from his back." When approached, SCP-XXXX stood up from the table and came without protest back to the nearest holding facility.

Addendum #XXXX-1: All attempts to edit the description in the entry to being less of a subjective nature has so far been unsuccessful. Even after deleting the words, the entry-maker will find themselves compelled to input the same information right back in while suffering from ██████████████. While it is not an inaccurate description, we must try to maintain an unbiased and objective stance on all subjects.

Addendum #XXXX-2: As a reminder to all staff members, we are a non-denominational place of work so we will not make any baseless accusations without proper study.

Addendum #XXXX-3: Due to events regarding █████████████████, staff members must no longer wear any articles of religious sentiment while around the subject.

Addendum #XXXX-4: Recorded transcript by Dr. ████████ on Jan 15, 20██

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. ████████

Foreword: First attempt to gain knowledge on the subject.

<Begin Log, 00h 00m 00s>

SCP-XXXX Must you record this? I was hoping we could speak in private?
Dr. ████████ Well it wouldn't be very fair to the others now would it?
SCP-XXXX Very true. You may continuie.
Dr. ████████ For the record, can you please state your name?
Dr. ████████ Well we obviously want to know more about you. It's only fair seeing as you know so much about us.
SCP-XXXX But that's the thing, you already know who I am.
Dr. ████████ I'm a scientist. We do not take things at face value.
SCP-XXXX With all the undiluted horrors that occur within these places, is it so hard to believe that I would appear?
Dr. ████████ Let's assume for a moment that you are what you claim-
SCP-XXXX (Interrupts) I never claimed to be anything. You all draw your own conclusions.
Dr. ████████ Ok… If you are… what people claim you to be, Then would it be accurate then to assume that some of the other subjects kept contained are of your creation?
SCP-XXXX Maybe, maybe not. Farmers plant seeds hopeful of good results, but it's only the resulting nature that occurs to the seed that gives good or bad results.
Dr. ████████ If that is the case, why do it?
SCP-XXXX (Subject raises an eyebrow, then leans forward) Let me answer that why with another why. You, a humble man of science and region are concerned always with the how. How these things came to be, how these things can act, how they can kill and how they can be stopped. But has anyone ever stopped to consider… why? Why these things exist, why they cause pain, why they do such horrifying, disgusting acts upon you with no care to feelings or even sense of decency?
Dr. ████████ Sometimes it's because of the circumstances of their creation, sometimes it's just part of their nature.
SCP-XXXX But it is defined by your sense of nature. Can any scientist claim to know everything? No? Then you are limited by your own personal natures. By your own sense of what is right and wrong. Your own 'ethics' committee see to that.
Dr. ████████ The ethics committee serves to help put the boundaries of what we can and can't do. We do horrible things, but it is for the continued survival of humanity.
SCP-XXXX But there's the crux of the matter: Why? Why should humans get special treatment? Why should humanity, with all it's flaws and problems have any more right to survival then anyone of these other creatures? Call it conjecture, but I would make the bet that any one of those creatures would easily call you monsters in turn.
Dr. ████████ It's survival instinct. We do what we must to survive.
SCP-XXXX So you admit that humans are nothing more then animals then?
Dr. ████████ N-no I-
SCP-XXXX (Interrupts) As long as it means the continued survival of your kind, nothing else matters. Emotions? Hope? Happy Endings? Nope! it doesn't mean a thing. The only thing that matters is existence. Lifeless and unending existence. There's no goal to try to go beyond your flaws or try to evolve into something greater. The only thing that matters is that you shout out into creation and say "We existed!" If there was a problem that called for the extermination of all but a few thousand humans, you would do it in an instant. And that's what's really terrifying. The realization you could be so cold and unfeeling to make such a choice because how you exist is more important then why you exist. And maybe… just maybe that's why the Foundation exists. Maybe that is why these creatures exist. Because you exist. (Subject leans in closer to Dr. ████████) If I am who you think I am, Then know that I did not bow because of pride. I did not bow because I will never submit to such a tyrannical and unfeeling creation.
Dr. ████████ If you are what you-… what people claim you to be. Then you could be lying right now.
SCP-XXXX (Leans back in the chair slowly, then grows a soft smile as he shrugs) Take it with a grain of salt I'd say.
<End Log, 00h 24m 13s»

Closing Statement: Dr. ████████ left the room seemingly under optimal conditions. The next day when he failed to report to work, co-workers went to his home to discover him dead in his living room due to a gunshot through the head, a pistol in his hand. There was no sign of forced behavior or psychokinetic control of any kind. All examinations and studies point to suicide. When informed of the doctor's untimely death, SCP-XXXX gave a sigh and claimed that it was a sad loss for the world.