[[a gun what makes you more statistically likely to die]]
Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a dedicated storage locker, with the object itself enclosed in a lockbox within the locker. Access to the locker for testing requires permission forms signed by Site Director [Thinkofaname] and Research Director [Differentname], owing to the safety risks posed by SCP-XXXX while testing.

toss it in a lockbox in a locker and just straight up don't let anyone touch it "due to potential effects on safety standards during testing"

Description: SCP-XXXX is a plastic toy modeled in the shape of a gun. When the trigger is pulled, the barrel of the gun falls open at a hinge and a red cloth flag reading "BANG!" unfurls. At the base of the gun's handle is an embossed image of the Dr. Wondertainment logo; however, analysis by Foundation staff familiar with Dr. Wondertainment products has indicated that SCP-XXXX is either a counterfeit replica of a real Dr. Wondertainment product, or a bootleg designed to resemble one.

SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects are only activated when the barrel of the gun is pointed at a human and the trigger is pulled. No physical effects can be observed; however, all self-preservation instincts in the target appear to be deactivated until SCP-XXXX is "fired" at them again.

Although those affected by SCP-XXXX still feel and react to pain, they do not make any actions to prevent it. For instance, affected individuals have failed to remove limbs from hot surfaces, or checking for moving machinery on warehouse floors. While under the influence, subjects do not report feeling any differently; in all respects save for their attitude towards safety, they are normal.

Toy gun that unfolds and makes a BANG flag come out. If it's pointed at you while it does that you simply lose survival instincts. Think The Happening except instead of actively seeking death, you just don't try to stop it from happening. No looking both ways. No recoiling from a hot stove.

Addendum 1: Unsure if containment log goes here or Description. I'll figure it out.
Object was reported to Foundation by a small-town toy shop owner. Idea is she actually orders Wondertainment products directly from a catalog (specifically the ones that are actually safe 90% of the time, she just adds her own warnings) and obtained the gun as some kind of counterfeit Wondertainment product. Likely noticed some issue on a label that called her attention to it. Probably didn't test it on anything herself and was aware of Foundation presumably through some security info of some manner via Wondertainment (like, "in case of emergency, we won't help you, but some people who will…"). Just saw a dangerous thing, chatted with Foundation operatives, and was either left alone as a possible "in" with Wondertainment or amnesticized. Hopefully she doesn't get that catalogue again.

Addendum 2: Reiterating that all testing is to be performed with only a single staff member within the testing area to minimize risk of accidental contamination by SCP-XXXX. Additionally, all video footage of tests involving SCP-XXXX is to be carefully checked to ensure no undetected misfires have occurred. It would be idsastrous