Item #: SCP-3824

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Build a 3X3 wooden cage, ensure it is 5 meters tall and fill it with toys that would keep a normal cat entertained. If an instance of SCP-3824 starts to take material from the outside area do not be alarmed. Bring a live mouse or rat and let it roam free for exactly 1 hour, the instance of SCP-3824 will slowly return back to their original place. This must be done weekly after because the instance SCP-3824 now knows the surroundings enough. As long as SCP-3824 does not do this, let one D class personnel play and interact with it for 5 hours once a week as a reward for SCP-3824 well behaved.

Description:All instances of SCP-3824 have sapience and some have even been known to emote after a D class personnel has bonded with. It was once sold as a 'do it yourself' style toy with many accessories from the company 'Love it Yourself'. An instance of SCP-3824 was first documented on Christmas Eve when a town's fire department was dispatched to a large neighborhood fire. Most things were burnt down but as per usual, an investigation was conducted. A detective had figured out where the fire started and went to that location, she kept seeing a mangled looking cat and became very suspicious. A rumor spread around the department claiming she was crazy, insane. People didn't believe any bit of it and eventually, she had enough. She headed out the house and was able to get close, almost too close, it came out of a small hole covered in metal and a hissed. Then, the explosion, it flattened the neighborhood and some of the surrounding area. It is heavily covered up but the foundation managed to capture close to 300 instances of SCP-3824 and are now in possession of the foundation.