during my middle school and early high school days I had an idea of a group much like the SCP foundation that centered around Mythical beasts and beings contained, experimented on, and researched on. This group was underground and had many levels of containment, small containers, to bigger the deeper you go.
It not only held myths already known but ones I made myself, to include a beast who is a combination of animals and souls and acts as bringer of justice and servant of a goddess.
His story started in this containment and how he gradually opens up the the researchers about his past and how he came to be before he gets help from a ghostly version of the goddess and escapes with many of the other beasts contained.
The group had roots in an original research project involving the goddess and two boys who held magical abilities, the 3 eventually got tired of the abuse, attacked the researchers and had to be put down.
of course this is only ideas that I wish to further develop as I get into the community and get feed back.