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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX has been surgically implanted with a tracking device and housed at Site-17. Due to its severe claustrophobia, SCP-XXXX's containment chamber incorporates a monitored internal courtyard with no other exits. It is rarely seen in the roofed section of its chamber outside of inclement weather.

Enclosed spaces within the containment chamber are to be kept to a minimum, and rendered incapable of producing SCP-XXXX-02 instances1.
SCP-XXXX is to undergo monthly counseling sessions with the Site-17 anomalous humanoid psychologist [currently Dr. G███] until such time as they are deemed no longer useful. As SCP-XXXX has shown no signs of aggressive behavior during sessions, minimal visible security personnel shall be in place for the duration of each session.

Containment Addendum - As of ██/10/19██ [two months after Test XXXX-21] Dr. G███ has requested a trained animal companion to alleviate some of the more 'difficult' aspects of its personality disorder.
On ██/01/20██ one adult male beagle (Canis Lupus Familiaris) [henceforth P-XXXX], trained to work with PTSD patients, is introduced into SCP-XXXX's containment chamber, along with required items for its care.
SCP-XXXX has been allotted access to one, pictorially labeled, plastic container each of dog food and dog treats to reduce Foundation expense in caring for the animal, as well as to monitor P-XXXX's long-term consumption of only SCP-XXXX-02.

With prior permission from ██████ ████████ [Site-17 Director] and the presence of at least one (1) Level-3 Site-17 Security member, SCP-XXXX will be allowed to open an empty vial labeled 'Medicine', to treat itself or P-XXXX if they become ill. Any unused contents of the vial shall be turned over the Level-3 Site-17 Security member for disposal2.

Description: Although SCP-XXXX appears to be a male Homo Sapien in its mid-twenties, its actual age is unknown due to it possessing a somewhat higher degree of regenerative ability3 than non-anomalous H. Sapiens. Though it only recovers from wounds at approximately twice the rate of H. Sapien, it will completely recover from any physical trauma that is not immediately lethal with no traces of prior damage, up to completely regrowing any non-vital body parts that have been removed or destroyed. It has also not visibly aged in the ██ years it has been in Foundation custody.

SCP-XXXX suffers from severe claustrophobia, psychogenic mutism4, as well as other symptoms of PTSD, most likely due to its condition prior to containment5. These indicate it possesses no abnormal resistance to psychological trauma.

Whenever SCP-XXXX opens a container [See appended Table-XXXX-1] that has held an organic compound, a duplicate [hereafter SCP-XXXX-02] of the original contents of the container spontaneously appear6. SCP-XXXX does not appear to have any control of this ability, and has not been seen to open a container without its original contents [at least the organic components thereof] appearing.
High speed cameras have shown that SCP-XXXX-02 substances appear between frames, but do not cause any side-effects consistent with rapid displacement of the container's air.

Once removed from the container, SCP-XXXX-02 items retain most of the general properties of their original [including shape, temperature and density], while altering other properties. These alterations are varied, and seem to be dependent on the properties of the original substance and SCP-XXXX's knowledge of these properties. Alterations always include some addition of SCP-XXXX's DNA structure to the SCP-XXXX-02 instance, including enhanced regeneration/longevity in living plants or animals [though at the cost of mutating tested plants and causing complete neurological failure in tested animals].

SCP-XXXX Container Specifications
The container must have only one opening
The container can not have a connected internal subdivision with its own opening
The container must fully close. Its outer surface may have cracks, but any holes greater than two cm2 will prevent SCP-XXXX-02 from appearing
The container must have, at some point after being fully assembled into a container, been closed with an organic substance in it
As of ██/21/19██, the container must be empty before use

For full testing logs, see document SCP-XXXX-TLOG.

Addendum 01, Item acquisition

On ██/15/19██ Foundation agents embedded in the DEA participated in the raid of a suspected ██████ supplier in a residence outside Clayton, NY. After the coordinated breaching of the front and back doors of the residence, the DEA team met much lighter resistance than expected for the suspected size of the drug operation, and easily overcame said resistance.
After clearing the main and upper floors of the residence, the breach team called in the forensic team to document and confiscate any illicit substances and paraphernalia and descended into the basement.

As they made their way through the basement, the team heard a motor vehicle starting, and detected smoke along with the odor of burning flesh. On breaching the northernmost room, the team was unable to proceed further due to a large pile of burning bodies, but could see the back of a trailer with a large crate on it heading into a tunnel dug under the northern end of the residence.
As the team quickly exited the burning building, they called in their air support with a description of the tunnel and cargo trailer, then alerted the local fire department. At this point, Agent S████, suspicious of the nature of the cargo, called in local Foundation assets to alert them of a possible anomalous item.
The DEA air support was able to locate the suspect as he neared the Canadian border and bring him and his cargo into custody prior to him crossing it.
On opening the crate, the DEA forensic team [including Agent S████] discovered SCP-XXXX, severely emaciated and bound to a flat surface, as well as several empty containers, each labeled to contain different amounts of ██████.
After observing the DEA interrogation of the suspect, Agent S████ requested a Foundation cleanup crew to perform forensic analysis of the burned bodies, forge transfer papers for the suspect [suspect inducted into the D-Class program as D-XXXX], and administer amnestics to non-foundation DEA agents involved.
Agent S████ personally saw to the removal of SCP-XXXX from the hospital it had been recovering in, and transfer to Foundation care, once appropriate containment procedures had been developed and it was healthy enough.
Due to the desiccated nature of the bodies, and the use of accelerants in the fire, no usable forensic evidence was obtainable from the crime scene after the initial DEA forensic team evacuated.

Addendum 02

Interrogation of D-XXXX revealed that his father had been forcing SCP-XXXX to produce SCP-XXXX-02 of illicit substances since before he was born, and that he had 'inherited' it on his father's death, five years prior to being discovered [due to his focusing on ██████ production and lacking his father's influence] and captured.
D-XXXX also gave Foundation researchers several clues to discern that the SCP-XXXX-02 instance will draw from any biological source touching the container, though with diminished efficiency and a higher level of corruption to the SCP-XXXX-02.

Addendum 03

Though SCP-XXXX has been taught to communicate basic needs via drawn pictures, to date it will only communicate with Dr. G███, who it seems to perceive as a type of 'protector'. As this enhances containment viability, Dr. G███ shall not be visibly involved in any testing of SCP-XXXX.
Learning and comprehension testing conducted by Dr. G███ indicates that SCP-XXXX's mental capacity is similar to that of a child of approximately five years of age at the time of this writing. This regression is thought to be due to it being kept at a constant state of near-overdose of ██████ by D-XXXX, in order to keep it producing a sustainably high quality supply of ██████.