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Still image from SCP-xxxx's digital environment.

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-xxxx is to be housed in Subterranean Unit-6 at Research Facility-45 at all times. Subterranean Unit-6 is to be retrofitted with RF (radio frequency) positioning systems as to provide data in real time to the digital environment program.

All gas masks used by SCP-xxxx must be modified to incorporate a DESCARTES Model 2 Virtual Reality simulator (VR). Backup VRs are to be maintained in case a primary VR malfunctions. All VRs have been programmed to automatically upload save files to dedicated onsite and offsite servers once every 24 hours, and load the oldest stored save file in case of glitches. For more information, see the DESCARTES Operational Manual.

A Level-3 staff member will be assigned to SCP-xxxx for each four week iteration, be granted authorization xxxx-Delta-R3, and be referred to as the on-site coordinator for the duration of the assignment. The on-site coordinator must monitor containment activity within Subterranean Unit-6 at Research Facility-45. Abnormal behavior or breaches in protocol must be reported immediately. In the event of a containment or systems failure, the entirety of the facility is to be evacuated until the event is neutralized. In the event of an impending CK-Class Restructuring Scenario, the explosive headsets worn by SCP-XXXX will be remotely detonated. Operational duties will consist of the following and must be performed by the assigned Level-3 staff member as instructed:

Description of Duties for Assigned Level-3 Staff Member Frequency
Incineration of submitted shift reports and grievance requests Daily
Monitoring recorded video footage of off-duty activity within the modular unit Continuously
Ensure that the DESCARTES Model 2 Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are properly functioning and displaying the digital containment map file in real time (xxxx_VR_contsite.wad) Daily
Ensure lithium citrate (Li3C6H5O7)2 is laced into the potable water supply Continuously
Replacement of the large Styrofoam centerpiece Bi-weekly, during leisure time
Ensure individuals are administered Class-D amnestic drugs Every four weeks
Provide repetitive orientation training and instructions to individuals Every four weeks
Review the standard containment procedures with SCP-xxxx Weekly

SCP-xxxx is a group of three former Foundation researchers (one female, two males). The identities of the individuals have been expunged from Foundation records and have been designated as SCP-xxxx-1 through 3. Each individual has been shown to exhibit essokinetic3 abilities during moments of extreme duress, fear, or panic. SCP-xxxx appears to have no willful control over these abilities. During altercations or outbursts, individuals of SCP-xxxx have been observed to produce violent manifestations, disintegration of matter, and the contortion/distortion of the environment, objects, or people.

Currently the only known method of preventing an outburst incident of SCP-xxxx is through the use of controlled mental and physical stimuli to ensure docility and incognizance. SCP-xxxx has shown to be extremely resilient, as well as immune in some cases, to both sedatives and barbiturates. It is theorized based on previous incidents involving the instability of SCP-xxxx, that an unintentional CK-class scenario is entirely plausible during prolonged or escalated stress levels. In order to effect complete control of SCP-xxxx's environment, the gas masks used by each member of the group have been fitted with DESCARTES Model 2 VR simulators.

Detailed below is a list of the most common grievance requests submitted by SCP-xxxx regarding their assigned tasks.

  • Request for better food.
  • Request access to the follow-up report on previous discontinued project.
  • Request information on condition of other team members.
  • Request a television or personal computer.
  • Request for replacement of mattress. Either has an odor or feels worn.
  • Request to visit with a Foundation psychologist to discuss strange dream activity.
  • Request to have the potable water tested. Tastes odd.