The Great Golden Obsidian Race
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Due to Temporal anomalies more than one document of SCP-XXX exists. Different Copies of SCP-XXX documentation have been altered due to the Temporal anomalies however, to facilitate the proper containment of SCP-XXX these documents have been modified to correspond to its proper reality.

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»User Reality Confirmed: Abeja-Xhi-424545«

This World is Dead, why bother ?

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid-Mok 'Chi


An Image of the interior of SCP-XXX

Special Containment Procedures: 45 Instances of SCP-XXX are to be kept within Site-45-45 in a Special Cryogenic chamber. All instances of SCP-XXX-1 will be kept in a special indoor warehouse resembling a temperate climate.

To prevent injuries from mishandling SCP-XXX-1, personnel are required to wear specialized anomalous biohazard suits. In order to prevent instances of SCP-XXX-1 from becoming hostile, personnel are advised to limit their time within the containment chamber.

Should instances of SCP-XXX-1 injure personnel, the remaining personnel are to activate smoke canisters to subdue the instances of SCP-XXX-1. Site-45-45 should remain on indefinite lockdown until all instances of SCP-XXX-1 including SCP-XXX-2 are sufficiently docile.

Instances of SCP-XXX-A will be cut down, and incinerated

Instances of SCP-XXX-A will be kept in order to maintain proper containment of SCP-XXX-1.

Description: SCP-XXX are anomalous structures comprised of a synthetic wax-like substance capable of acting similar to an electronic device. The anomalous structure does not appear similar to any other structure built by any other non-anomalous insect species.

SCP-XXX-1 are the insectoid entities held within SCP-XXX and various other non-anomalous wax-like structures based around SCP-XXX. Although similar to other non-anomalous insects, SCP-XXX appear to be more intelligent and appear to be more organized than other insects of non-anomalous origin. There appears to more than ████ instances of SCP-XXX-1 in each instance of SCP-XXX and non-anomalous instances SCP-XXX. Further information on the behavior of SCP-XXX-1 will be available in Document-Abeja-Tango-424545

SCP-XXX-2 are instances of SCP-XXX-1 that appears slightly larger than other instances of SCP-XXX-1. It seems that SCP-XXX-2 is capable of creating larval instances of SCP-XXX-1 through an as of yet unseen process. SCP-XXX-2 also appears to be a communal leader of SCP-XXX colonies. SCP-XXX-2 leads through what appears to be a form of pheromone language, in which instances of SCP-XXX-1 grow specialized organs to perform specialized tasks within SCP-XXX.

Instances of SCP-XXX-1 are able to manipulate the workings of SCP-XXX through a structure held within the main structure of SCP-XXX. These structures appear similar to various instances of SCP Foundation technology, including Gestalt/Rosa Field Generators, Xyank Scantron Causality Disruptors, Temporal Stasis Chambers, Alvarez/Paul Crystalline Cold Fusion Reactors and [REDACTED].

All testing with SCP-XXX-1 is to be suspended in light of the results gathered during previous tests, during which SCP-XXX-1 instances became increasingly aggressive after an instance of SCP-XXX was removed from the colony and dissected (See Addendum). Information regarding Incident-XXX-42 is classified level/4 or above.


A file recovered from SCP-XXX during investigation

SCP-XXX also appears capable of conducting electric currents, being capable of creating several luminescent patterns on its surface. When activated, SCP-XXX appears to function similar to a [REDACTED] brand computer. It also appears that SCP-XXX appears to run an Operating System similar to standard SCP Foundation computers. It is unknown why SCP-XXX bears semblance to many instances of existing Foundation technology. USB Ports and other cable openings have been reported to have been seen. Subsequent investigations of SCP-XXX have shown that SCP-XXX has many image files and other corrupted files.

For more information on the files of SCP-XXX please refer to Document A-XXX-4


An instance of SCP-XXX-A growing in SCP-XXX-1's containment chamber

Specimens of SCP-XXX-1 have been observed to exit SCP-XXX for foraging purposes and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Instances of SCP-XXX-1 use [DATA EXPUNGED] as a feeding mechanism using a proboscis-like appendage to ███ ████ ███. SCP-XXX accomplishes this through the creation of SCP-XXX-A

Instances of SCP-XXX-A appear similar to other instances of non-anomalous flora however, instances of SCP-XXX-A do not seem to be able to reproduce through spores instead, instances of SCP-XXX-A will produce an anomalous appendage that instances of SCP-XXX-1 will gather upon and collect various materials from SCP-XXX-A.

UTCG Testing as shown that the molecular makeup of SCP-XXX-1 and SCP-XXX-A appear to share ██% of their genetic material, however instances of SCP-XXX-1 genetic makeup does not match any known species on earth. UTCG testing of SCP-XXX-1 has shown that rather than relying on RNA for genetic makeup, instances of SCP-XXX-1 and SCP-XXX-A use DNA for their genetic material.


Error Message received on all foundation monitors after incident XXX-21

Recovery Log: Nearly 60% of all instances of SCP-XXX were recovered near Foundation Sister Sites 42, and Site 45. Several SCP Foundation personnel reported that hume levels began to lower near a location in between Sister sites Site-42 and Site-45. After investigations, several instances of SCP-XXX and SCP-XXX-1 were recovered. SCP-XXX-1 instances appeared hostile and were dispatched using industrial pesticides. The anomalous properties of SCP-XXX were not discovered until instances of SCP-XXX-1 attempted to use SCP-XXX to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Resulting in the deaths of several foundation personnel nearby. SCP-XXX-2 appeared to communicate with instances of SCP-XXX-1 and instances of SCP-XXX-1 became docile and were allowed to be placed under containment.

==The Addenda below is classified Level 4 or above==

Personnel wishing to have access to certain files may request access through Dr. Maria Castillo

Addenda-XXX-1: Incident-XXX-21:

Addenda XXX-12: An interview conducted with SCP-XXX through a computer monitor connected to instances of SCP-XXX.