M Redacted

Item #: SCP-[REDACTED]-1

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-[REDACTED]-1 is to be kept at Site 19 in a standard Safe-class containment locker when not in use. Use of SCP-[REDACTED]-1 for recreational purposes is admitted for all off-duty staff members. However, to avoid potential containment breaches, the locker may only be accessed by a Level 2 or higher staff member who is on break, and only after said staff member is informed of the intended use of SCP-[REDACTED]-1 and receives permission from another Level 3 or higher staff member. Due to the likely frequent use of SCP-[REDACTED]-1, long-distance communication devices deemed permissible by Site command are to be carried by all Level 2 and higher faculty for use in receiving these permissions and maintaining contact with faculty in the event of a containment breach. All Level 2 and higher on-site staff members are also to carry a device containing a map of SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A and which features a GPS tracking system which other carriers of these devices may follow, and Level-4 and higher on-site staff members are to have these maps memorized within 300 meters of the boundaries of Site 19. When in use, SCP-[REDACTED]-1 is to be taken to the specified starting room, and the user is to begin wearing SCP-[REDACTED]-1 on the specified starting platform. Once wearing SCP-[REDACTED]-1, the user will also be given a device containing both a map of SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A and a map of our world. This map will include all allowed paths for the user to take while within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A and will feature a GPS tracking system. The user is to be monitored by the Level 2 staff member who received permission for the object's use, for the duration of the object's use. When finished, the user is to return to the starting platform prior to removal of SCP-[REDACTED]-1. During use of SCP-[REDACTED]-1, users are to remain on the pre-approved pathways to avoid spatial overlap in the event that SCP-[REDACTED]-1 is removed prior to returning to the starting platform. Should SCP-[REDACTED]-1 be removed before the wearer returns to the starting platform, the user is to be detained for questioning regarding the incident and a Level 3 or higher staff member is to use SCP-[REDACTED]-1 to confirm the previous user's story. Appropriate punishment is to be administered once the situation is fully understood.
Should the user leave the pre-approved paths, the supervising Level 2 staff member is to contact a Level 4 or higher staff member of the deviation and follow the user as far as they are able, using their communication devices to inform all other staff of the user's movements. When the user removes SCP-[REDACTED]-1, if possible they are to be detained, questioned of the event, with a Level 3 staff member using SCP-[REDACTED]-1 to confirm the story, and then punished based on the severity and circumstances of the event. After such a containment breach, recreational use of SCP-[REDACTED] is to be suspended for a minimum of two weeks, and Site command are to determine if longer or permanent suspension of this privilege is to be enforced. Should the user remove SCP-[REDACTED]-1 in an area where detention is impossible, or should the user enter an area from which they may not be observed, all possible exits from the area both within our world and within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A are to be placed under watch until the user is located and detained. Due to the relative harmlessness of SCP-[REDACTED]-1, especially when not in use, prevention of casualties is the number one priority, rather than the object's containment. Should SCP-[REDACTED]-1 be lost in an area from which it is in any way inaccessible without potential casualties among staff members, the area is to be monitored until the object becomes accessible once more.
Once a month, a member of Site command is to use SCP-[REDACTED]-1 to contact staff members located within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A, both to inform them of the currently permitted uses of SCP-[REDACTED]-1 and to redefine the boundaries of the permissible pathways. Such meetings are to be held immediately should a containment breach occur, assuming SCP-[REDACTED]-1 is accessible after the breach. They should also occur upon request of members of Site command within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A or in the event that the boundaries of the permissible paths within our world change drastically enough to warrant redefinition of their boundaries within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A.

Description: SCP-[REDACTED]-1 is a pair of unbranded black half-rim eyeglasses. When SCP-[REDACTED]-1 comes in contact with an organism or machine that is not blind and has sight in (or if it should have sight in) two eyes (and no more), the dimensions of SCP-[REDACTED]-1 change to fit the entity comfortably and give them 20/20 vision (it is to be noted that for people with better than 20/20 vision, the glasses adjust to worsen their vision, rather than enhance it). It has been determined from testing that the object will change shape as well, to fit humans with average vision, humans with almost entirely impaired vision (but not entirely blind humans), humans that have lost or were only born with one eye, dogs, cats, horses, birds, frogs, fish, and even robots that are designed with two cameras for "sight", and it is believed that it will change shape to fit any organism that meets the previously mentioned optical requirements. The shape-shifting abilities have been found to work on the cameras of robots regardless of the orientation of said cameras, even when the cameras were located on very different parts of the robot, and even if one of the cameras is not working or were of different sizes or resolutions, though it would not adjust for robots with only one camera, nor would it adjust for robots with three or more cameras that had any number of cameras working other than two. When used on robots with very low-resolution cameras, the resolution did not improve, though in cases of cameras with distorted vision, the object adjusted to correct the distortion, meaning eyesight is not directly affected, but rather the angle of the lenses. The shape-shifting properties of SCP-[REDACTED] appear to give priority to living organisms, as when the glasses are worn by a robot but then come in contact with a living being (typically a staff member when removing the object), it changes shape to fit the organism touching the object, even when still in contact with the robot that was previously wearing the object. The object appears not to shape-shift for insects that have compound eyes, apparently counting the compounded eyes as multiple eyes each. The other anomalous properties of SCP-[REDACTED]-1, however, appear not to manifest on any type of wearer except a human.
When a human wears SCP-[REDACTED]-1, they appear to be transported to another world, dubbed SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A, leaving behind a visual anomaly in their shape, which follows the wearer's movements through SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A. This visual anomaly may move through all physical objects within our world, and may not be interacted with in any way. This intangibility lasts until the wearer removes SCP-[REDACTED]-1, at which point their body will be returned to our world, regardless of where they may be at the time. Due to differences in the geographical and architectural layouts between our world and SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A, this could result in the wearer either being far above any physical platforms within our world, far below the surface of the Earth, or stuck within any physical objects that are present within our world but not within SCP-[REDACTED]. This effect also applies to users putting on SCP-[REDACTED]-1, who may do so while standing either underneath the ground, far above any platforms, or within the physical boundaries of objects within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A. Should this occur, the physical portions of the user's body will replace the physical portions of whatever object they are within, these portions of the objects appearing to be instantly transported to the nearest available empty spaces, within or outside of the user's body. Empty or mostly empty cavities such as the lungs will not replace physical objects, so users manifesting within solid objects risk these cavities within their bodies being filled with pieces of whatever object or substance they manifested within, both when putting on SCP-[REDACTED]-1 and when taking it off.
Injuries sustained within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A appear to follow the wearer into the real world, and dying within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A appears to instantly end the effects of SCP-[REDACTED]-1, returning the wearer's body to our world. Objects smaller than the wearer's body that are in direct contact with the outside of the wearer also appear to follow the wearer between worlds. Objects that were inside the wearer when they put on SCP-[REDACTED]-1 will also follow the wearer between worlds, but objects from SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A that are placed inside the wearer appear not to follow them back. As such, upon returning to our world from SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A, the user will not have any of that world's air in their lungs, nor will they have any food or nutrients from any food that they ate while within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A, nor any water, so the wearer will suffer from symptoms of malnutrition and dehydration consistent with the amount of time that they spent within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A, despite not suffering such symptoms while within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A.
SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A appears to be a world similar to ours, but which does not contain any SCPs (save SCP-[REDACTED]-1 when it is worn by someone from our world, as well as a few J-designated SCPs). In addition, it appears that, while the history of SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A has mirrored that of our own, at some point between 1960 and the original discovery of SCP-[REDACTED]-1, apparently at some point in 199[REDACTED], their world's history deviated drastically from that of our own, causing massive changes in the geographical and architectural layouts of SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A, as well as in the apparent mental states of humans all over the world, causing the disappearance of all forms of aggression, crime, greed, hate, destructive (and self-destructive) forms of blind faith, disease, and poverty, and in general it appears that this world has somehow achieved absolute peace and harmony. It is unknown exactly when this historical deviation occurred, however, as records of many events within the previously-mentioned timeframe appear to have been lost, all for unknown reasons. Inhabitants also appear unsure as to when this deviation occurred, all appearing to have only vague and inconsistent memories of the previously-mentioned timeframe. As such, not only has it been near impossible to determine what exactly had caused this deviation of our timelines, but it is also impossible to determine what had caused it. Whatever the case, it appears that the inhabitants of SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A are well aware of SCP-[REDACTED]-1, though they appear equally unaware of the object's origin. Apparently, when not in use, SCP-[REDACTED]-1 only exists in our world, disappearing from SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A until it is once again in use, and as such it has been nearly impossible for the inhabitants of SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A to study the object in any great detail. The inhabitants are also aware that our world is not as peaceful as theirs and are aware of the greater possibility of a wearer of SCP-[REDACTED]-1 being hateful or committing crimes within their world. Despite this, they are incredibly friendly to all wearers that have not previously proven themselves to be undeserving of such a warm welcome. The inhabitants have also proven to be incredibly cooperative with the foundation's more reasonable requests, even working together with the Foundation to create safe zones in which the geographical and architectural layouts of both of our worlds are identical, to avoid spatial overlaps when putting on or taking off SCP-[REDACTED]-1. As such, a smaller version of Site 19, dubbed Site 19-A, has been established within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A in the same location as Site 19 in our world, to serve as a starting point for wearers of SCP-[REDACTED]-1. Site 19-A has a small staff set up to monitor the immediate area for changes that would affect travel between worlds, work with the local government and the general public, hold regular meetings with Site 19 command, and monitor the behavior of all wearers of SCP-[REDACTED]-1.
After wearing SCP-[REDACTED]-1, both test subjects and staff members have reported that just being in SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A has a calming effect, and despite seeing no great aesthetic differences between our world and SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A, previous wearers have also reported that SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A has a strange beauty to it that is not found in our world. Both staff members and D-Class personnel have shown increased morale after wearing SCP-[REDACTED]-1, staff members showing increased productivity and D-Class personnel showing increased cooperation with instructions from staff members after wearing SCP-[REDACTED]-1 for as little as 3 minutes. As such, all staff members are allowed to make requests for recreational use of SCP-[REDACTED]-1. However, only the wearer of SCP-[REDACTED]-1 is capable of seeing into SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A and communicating with its inhabitants, and while SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A appears devoid of most evil and general danger, it is only the behavior of that world's inhabitants that has changed; devices and weapons such as bombs and guns have been proven to be just as destructive in their world as they are in ours, and natural disasters still occur on occasion in their world, so it is not guaranteed that safety measures such as walls and guards that were set up in SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A will still be present the next time SCP-[REDACTED]-1 is in use. Any number of disasters could occur within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A between uses of the object, and its inhabitants would not be able to contact the Foundation regarding such events until someone puts on SCP-[REDACTED]-1, so it is important that wearers be monitored from our world and that wearers who behave strangely while wearing SCP-[REDACTED]-1 be debriefed on their experiences within SCP-[REDACTED]-1-A.

Acquisition: Foundation personnel became aware of SCP-[REDACTED]-1's existence on July [REDACTED], 20[REDACTED], after undercover agents in the town of [REDACTED], Montana, heard reports of a "phantom thief". Supposedly, the thief would walk through the walls of houses and banks, steal money and small but valuable objects, and then run back through the walls with whatever he had stolen. Reports said that all forms of physical contact were impossible, passing through the thief and the objects he had stolen as though they were not there. This included attempts to grab, punch, kick, and use firearms to fire upon the thief. These reports came from local police as well as the town's inhabitants who had been personally affected by the thief's actions. Agents followed the "ghost" for months, believing the thief himself to be a new SCP, until on December [REDACTED], 20[REDACTED], he was caught taking off what appeared to be glasses, with his body still half-inside the wall. Upon removing the glasses, a horrified expression crossed his face, and he began coughing up blood. He then proceeded to put the glasses back on and walk through the wall the rest of the way, leaving a hole in the wall where his body had been, but appeared to still be coughing up blood. He ran a few feet before slowing to a stop, kneeling over, coughing more, falling on the ground, and slowly dying. Upon dying, his body became tangible, and foundation staff took his body for autopsy. While it was initially thought that the man's body had completely replaced the wall, during autopsy it was revealed that several shards of brick and mortar were lodged in his respiratory and digestive tracts, including his esophagus and wind pipe. The reports of this incident had made it apparent that the glasses were the cause of the thief's apparent intangibility, and after testing confirmed this, the item was dubbed SCP-[REDACTED]-1.