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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Instances of SCP-XXXX are to be held at Site-76, in a locked room, currently Room ███ (designated "Candyland").

SCP-XXXX is a plastic representation of a birthday cake, approximately 37cm wide x 20cm
deep x 6cm high, with 120 holes, each 3mm in diameter, arranged in a regular pattern 12 across by 10 down across the top. The "cake" is found inside a standard cardboard box, 40cm x 22cm x 7 cm, labelled "Dr. Wondertainment's 'How Old Are You Now?'" in a stylized font. The box also contains 120 "candles", 3mm wide by 5cm high, in a variety of colors. The number of candles of each color appears to vary from box to box, but the total number remains constant. Text on the bottom of the box reads:

Don't you wish it was your birthday every day?? Haven't you ever wondered 
what it would feel like to be a different age, right now?? Well, now, with 
'How Old Are You Now?', you can!
For kids of all ages (3 and up).

The directions (contained within each box) read as follows:

To use How Old Are You Now, simply place the number of candles 
corresponding to your age on the special cake, and make a wish!

Once a person over 2 years of age (identified as SCP-XXXX-1) performs the actions on the direction sheet, the anomalous effects become apparent. Every day at 0800 GMT, the number of candles on the cake will change randomly. Analysis of the progression has yet to reveal a predictable pattern. SCP-XXXX-1 will report feeling as though they were the age represented on the cake, regardless of their actual age and physical appearance. This will continue daily until the cake shows zero candles. When that occurs, the user immediately ceases all brain activity, although the body continues to perform all normal functions for the user's actual age. Monitoring of SCP-XXXX-1 has shown no noticeable signals or radiation during this event, and the method of brain death currently remains unknown.

New instances of SCP-XXXX are occasionally found in the wild, typically at rummage sales or secondhand game stores. If an instance of SCP-XXXX is found, contact MTF-Eta-9 ("Shoots and Ladders") for acquisition and containment.

Retrieval Log:
SCP-XXXX was initially retrieved from a Mr. and Mrs. █████████ of ███████, ██████ on ██/██/████. Their son ██████████, aged 10, had been admitted to the emergency room of ████████ Hospital after they were unable to wake him. Eight days prior, he had picked p a copy of SCP-XXXX at a local garage sale. When the previous owner was asked about it, he stated that it had belonged to his child who had passed at age 6 due to spontaneous brain death of an unknown cause, about a month after playing with SCP-XXXX. He had originally purchased the toy at ████████ Games, a secondhand toy store which has since gone out of business. Attempts to further track down the game's origin have met with no success.

Testing Log:
An instance of SCP-XXXX was brought to Subject D-11092's living quarters with instructions to follow the directions in the box. Subject did, under observation. Wish was for "a buttload of money." Age changed as follows

Day # Candles Notes
0 31 Subject's original age
1 111 Subject complains of aches, pains, and "kids these days"
2 24 No major change
3 60 No major change
4 41 No major change
5 18 Subject entered "dare" contest with 4 other D-class. All reprimanded after performing exceedingly stupid stunts.
6 99 Subject demonstrated preference for early meals and bedtime
7 15 Subject noticeably more uneasy around female personnel
8 3 Subject retains vocabulary and mental processes, but lacks coordination and diction, in line with expected behavior of a toddler.
9 40 No major change
10 22 No major change
11 56 No major change
12 0 Subject brain dead at 0800 GMT.

It is important to note that at all times, the subject retained the physical appearance of his actual chronological age, 31 years.

Test 2
Subject: D-11324: Asian Female, aged 27 years. Wished to be home with family.
Candles ranged from 1 to 98. Mean: 42. Median: 30. n=86
Subject brain dead on day 86, 0800 GMT.

Test 3
Subject: D-22914: Black male, aged 57 years. Wished for a real cake.
Subject fitted with low-profile EEG monitor. Activity normal w/r/t candle age throughout test.
Range: 5-119. Mean: 36. Median: 47. n=72.
Subject brain dead on day 72, 0800 GMT.