Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-XXXX samples are to be individually contained inside nitrogen filled lead housing modules measuring 30 by 30 centimeters to prevent unwanted growth. These modules are to be stored in a standard one room cell, no special precautions are required when handling the modules however it should be discouraged to place one's head close to the surface. Samples are only to be removed from their modules during testing and monthly inspection. During inspection of the SCP-XXXX if a sample should resemble a familiar object or shape not naturally adopted by crystal, the module is to be replaced and the SCP-XXXX destroyed by hydrochloric acid.

SCP-XXXX-A is held in a comfortably furnished two-room cell with a bathroom. Two way mirrors are present in all rooms and at least two personal are to be stationed at the mirrors at all times. Subject has been granted level 1 clearance and access to the facility canteen. the subject is allowed to roam the unrestricted areas of the facility but must be accompanied by a member of staff. Any requests made by SCP-XXXX-A may be granted with the permission of a level 4 or higher personnel. The subject must remain under supervision at all times.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a macromolecular crystalline substance that forms exclusively inside geodes. The crystals resemble pure quartz with no impurities and a violet hue. SCP-XXXX crystals removed from the geode will continue to grow as long as oxygen is present.

The SCP-XXXX has telekinetic properties that affect its growth. If placed within close proximity of a person their thoughts at the time are imprinted on the sample, causing it to grow into a shape that reflects those thoughts such as items of food, clothing, people, body parts, or animals.
When SCP-XXXX is held against the head of an individual, for the duration that it makes contact the subject, they experience an increase in memory recall and learning ability. Once the SCP-XXXX is removed, all information and memories that were not previously known or remembered by the subject are immediately lost and cannot be recovered. However, subjects do remember having that knowledge whilst under the influence of the sample.

The specimen was discovered in the Salina Veche salt mine, Romania. Miners employed by the SALROM SA COMPANY discovered geodes containing the SCP-XXXX and [DATA EXPUNGED]. One of the miners claimed to have placed the sample on his nightstand before falling asleep and dreaming of his late wife then awoke to find the SCP-XXXX had grown into a statuette displaying her exact likeness. All SCP-XXXX samples were removed from the possession of the miners and amnesiacs were distributed among witnesses. An average of seven (7) to eight (8) geodes containing SCP-XXXX are recovered from the Salina Veche annually.

SCP-XXXX-A is a Romanian male in his early 20s. Subject was formerly a brunet with brown eyes however, due to the effects of SCC-XXXX augmentation he is now an albino. Since the events of SCP-XXXX-A's enhancement the subject has displayed the following abilities

  • 200% increase in intelligence
  • Adoptive muscle memory
  • Enhanced memory and recall

The subject is very cooperative sand generally placid but can be dangerous when provoked, having injured several doctors and other personnel during testing or when anxious.

Addendum #1: One of the miners was unaffected by the amnesiacs but due to a shortage of D class personnel, the individual was recruited under threat of termination should he refuse. ██████ ██████, henceforth known as D-6643, is far more susceptible to the SCP-XXXX than other class D personnel. It has been decided that D-6643 is to be used exclusively for the testing of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum #2: Dr. ██████ performed an experimental operation on D-6643 in which the subjects skull was lined with SCP-XXXX to see if the crystal has a greater effect if in direct contact with the brain. Once the subject had recovered from the procedure, D-6643 showed a 200% increase in intelligence and signs of [DATA EXPUNGED].

D-6643 was able to learn to speak English fluently and with no noticeable accent in four (4) hours. The subject was also able to play Chopin study no.3 after two (2) days with no previous ability with the piano and design a [DATA EXPUNGED] similar to those found in SCP facilities. These feats are believed to be due to enhanced memory rather than inteligence. D-6643’s termination has been delayed for further testing.

Addendum #3: D-6643’s physical appearance has begun to alter. The SCP-XXXX has caused a mutation in the tyrosinase gene resulting in the production of type I oculocutaneous albinism. This change in appearance has been accompanied by a greater control over the subject's newfound abilities. Under the circumstances, D-6643 has been officially renamed SCP-XXXX-A and termination has been delayed indefinitely.

Addendum #4: “Due to the favourable effect it has had on SCP-XXXX-A's unique talents, I have come to the conclusion that the physical change in appearance undergone by the subject is in-fact an adaptation rather than a side effect. The potential of the SCP-XXXX has yet to be fully realized and SCP-XXXX-A presents in invaluable opportunity to explore what it is capable of. However, the subject displays limited control over his abilities and in a recent test of [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-XXXX-A unintentionally injured one of the new doctors. In light of recent events I would like to request that SCP-XXXX-A be reclassified as euclid and be placed under constant supervision.
Dr. ██████”