Item #: SCP-3431

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3431-1, SCP-3431-2 and SCP-3431 cannot be contained unwilling. When contained place them in a 6x6 room. Furnishing is not required as SCP-33431-1 prefers to furnish the room himself. Attempts to forcefully contain SCP-3431-1, SCP-3431-2, and SCP-3431-3 have been unsuccessful and agents involved end up with severe physical and psychological trauma. No fatalities have been reported as of the time of this report. If a request is made within reason (Food, water, clothing, etc.) it may be complied with.

Description: SCP-3431 is a group composed of 3 members: SCP-3431-1 a human specimen. Roughly 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He is a caucasian male with blue eyes and blonde hair. He is always seen in a 1960's western film outfit. He also wears a holster with what appears to be a technologically advanced revolver of an unknown make and model. He has requested all staff members refer to him as "Void". No record of this person has been found. He claims to be, as he put it, "a dimension-hopping bounty hunter from the future.". This claim has yet to be confirmed. He also makes the claim that SCP-3431-2, or "Murphy" as he refers to it, is his pet. SCP-3431-2 is a small fleshy creature. It resembles a small sack of flesh with a thin layer of translucent hair. SCP-3431-2 is unidentifiable and when asked about the creature SCP-3431-1 simply says it is a [Redacted] from the dimension [Redacted]. SCP-3431-2 is located on the skin of SCP-3431-1 and is seen moving about on his body. It has not been seen leaving SCP-3431-1 but has been recorded moving over his clothing. This doesn't seem to bother SCP-3431-1. How it does this is can only be speculated as attempts to study it have failed due to its extra-dimensional abilities. It has been observed to use many different methods including [Redacted] in order to defend itself and SCP-3431-1. The extent of its ability to defend itself is unknown, but this can be tested, unlike SCP-3431-2's other abilities. By using numerous methods it can protect itself and SCP-3431-1 from any and all forms of harm. Testing with other SCP's is awaiting approval. Recorded methods of protection by SCP-3431-2 include [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], and some form of teleportation. How it executes these numerous methods is unknown. Questioning SCP-3431-1 about these abilities is simply answered with "You'll know eventually…" and a smile. Further investigation awaiting approval. SCP-3431-1 seems extremely protective of SCP-3431-2 and asks many questions about the state of an off site SCP research facility located in [Redacted]. Investigation into this facilities relevance have been approved. How he has access to that information is unknown, as well as how it relates to SCP-3431-2. SCP-3431-3 is what appears to be a bipedal cousin of sus Guinea. SCP-3431-1 has informed us that her name is "Josephina". She appears to speak an unknown dialect that only SCP-3431-1 can understand. He does this using a tool he refers to as [Redacted]. She has an extreme interest in our genetics research and has extensive knowledge on [Redacted]. Class D personnel who interact with SCP-3431-1 disappear. When asked, he says they have "Joined his ranks". He claims they are now part of the [Redacted] and are more important than [Redacted]. Where they go and what SCP-3431-1's plans are is unknown. Further investigation is require.
08-19-XX - First contact. Subject SCP-3431 contained in temporary off site holding cell.
Dr.[Redacted]: Good day SCP-3431-1. I am-
SCP-3431-1: Doctor [Redacted]. Credentials include [Redacted](Note: His knowledge dates further back than Dr.[Redacted]'s affiliation with the Foundation.) You are here to ask me some questions. No. Yes. No. No. Yes she understands you. No he is not a [Redacted]. Yes I am familiar with SCP-[Redacted] through SCP-[Redacted]. No I'm not omnipotent. That title belongs to SCP-[Redacted]. That about covers it.
Dr.[Redacted]: How did you know the questions?
SCP-3431-1: This is the 3rd… no 4th time we have had this conversation.
Dr.[Redacted]: Excuse me but I am quite sure we have never talked before.
SCP-3431-1: Are you familiar with SCP-[Redacted]? I work like that but a little more accurate.
Dr.[Redacted]: I see. And just to what extent are you abilities?
SCP-3431-1: Lets just say I am here for a chat with SCP-[Redacted]. Don't worry it's about saving the world.
Subject then stood followed by SCP-3431-3 and opened up what appeared to be a glowing red vortex.
SCP-3431-1: Don't worry I'll be in touch. Oh and stay away from SCP-[Redacted]. He doesn't like you very much.
SCP-3431-1 then steps through the portal followed by SCP-3431-3. Security personnel arrived shortly after.
Update: Shortly after this interview Dr.[Redacted] was tasked with interviewing SCP-[Redacted]. Ignoring SCP-3431-1's warning he began the interview. Shortly thereafter his remains were collected from the walls and ceilings of the containment cell (No remains were on the floor of the cell). First recording of SCP-[Redacted] attacking SCP personnel. When questioned later he states "I didn't like his face. It tilted to the side too much.".