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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All captured SCP-XXXX are to have any body parts that are modified for use as weapons confiscated immediately, and are required to reduce their size to roughly that of a human. They are also to remove all but one skull, which is to be fitted with an explosive charge. Charges are to be detonated if instances attempt to remove them or breach containment. SCP-XXXX that display aggressive tendencies after initial capture are to be terminated.

SCP-XXXX in long term containment are to be taught English, and if willing given a full education. They should be provided individual pieces of skeletons as replacements for current parts, and as a reward for good behavior can be given new and exotic bones.

MTF Gamma-9 (“Skeleton War”) has been formed to locate and neutralize SCP-XXXX instances in the wild.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a species of sapient and animated skeletons. They are capable of integrating bones from other organisms into their bodies, and feel an instinctual urge to do so similar to hunger. SCP-XXXX can integrate bones from organisms that have been deceased for extended periods of time, but tend to prefer the bones from the recently deceased. All instances are capable of vocalization, but are not inherently able to speak any languages. The sensory abilities of SCP-XXXX are roughly equivalent to those of the animals their bones are derived from, while their physical strength is proportionate to overall body mass. At the size of a human they are vastly weaker than one, and easily overpowered.

The bodies of SCP-XXXX are highly variable in shape, size, and exact composition, but are always an amalgamation of bones. They do not need to utilize bones in a manner akin to its original organism did, and often swap pieces seemingly at random. Often, they take shapes that don’t match any known organism, and frequently form limbs to perform a single action. They often contain bones from species that are completely unidentified or extinct.

SCP-XXXX is a nomadic and solitary species, individuals are rarely seen together. They generally live in highly secluded areas, or locations inaccessible to humans. Instances typically react violently when discovered by humans, and will kill any person that has seen them in what they believe is self-defense. Across history humans have almost always responded violently to contact with SCP-XXXX, and as such most SCP-XXXX will do everything in their power to prevent exposure to the human public. They commonly believe that their discovery would lead to their genocide.

However, A small amount of the SCP-XXXX population do not fear of humans, instead hating them. These individuals make are uncommon, but are responsible for the vast majority of SCP-XXXX related incidents. They typically accumulate bones until they reach a massive size, at which point they seek out and destroy the nearest population center.

SCP-XXXX normally have around 2000 bones in the wild, making them around 4 meters tall and 4 meters wide, but varying based on their current form. Some instances will continue to integrate bones with the only apparent limiting factor being a loss of speed in restructuring their body. SCP-XXXX reproduce by separating into a number of new instances equal to the number of skulls in their body, and require approximately 300 bones per skull to do so. Not only does they essentially die in the process of reproduction, they are aware they do, and so they rarely undergo it.

SCP-XXXX have a capacity for learning vastly greater than that of humans. After only two to three months of English lessons SCP-XXXX instances will be completely fluent. The clarity of their memories does not deteriorate with time, and they are able to recall relevant information almost flawlessly. As of present a number of SCP-XXXX are being educated as specialized scientific consultants.

SCP-XXXX are extremely threatening in combat. They are quite erratic and unpredictable in their movements, changing their structure constantly to fit the situation. Killing an SCP-XXXX instance requires significant physical trauma to be delivered to a skull in their body, making the most effective method of neutralization is explosives. They can also be restrained with durable metal nets of tight weave. Destroying a single skull will immobilize an SCP-XXXX for approximately twenty minutes, every skull in its body must be destroyed to actually kill it. In larger instances, destroying a skull only paralyzes a spherical portion of it that is smaller the larger the entity is as a whole.