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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX instances are to be treated with at least courtesy and preferably friendliness by staff to encourage good behavior. All captured SCP-XXXX instances are to have any body parts that are modified for use as weapons confiscated and are required to reduce their size to roughly that of a human. They additionally are to remove all but one skull, so they cannot reproduce, and as to maintain ease of containment. Individuals may be allowed to maintain larger than standard size with good reason and approval.

SCP-XXXX instances are valuable resources to the Foundation, and as such reasonable requests they make should be granted to ensure their continued cooperation and loyalty, such as recreational items, literature, media, and interaction with other instances. They are to be taught English, and if willing given a higher education. They should be provided individual bones as replacements for current parts, and new parts if there is a need for them. It is of note that the majority of SCP-XXXX instances view their containment positively, and have no interest in return to the outside world.

Due to the considerable number of SCP-XXXX instances in containment, and the general lack of a threat they pose, several facilities have been built for housing and facilitating them in large quantities. Given that they do not age, the number of them in containment will only grow over time, so having them share commodities reduces the strain they put on Foundation resources. Sites dedicated to the containment of SCP-XXXX are not to house any other anomalies of any kind.

Exceptionally loyal and intelligent instances of SCP-XXXX, if willing, can be given positions as level 1 or 2 researchers, or site staff. They should only be assigned to research on Safe or non-threatening Euclid class objects, and should never be given positions in security. Individuals leaving their home site are to be fitted with an explosive charge on their skull, to be detonated in the event of a containment breach.

MTF Gamma-9 (“Skeleton War”) has been formed to locate and capture uncontained SCP-XXXX instances. In the event that an SCP-XXXX instance were to become violent, they can be subdued with weighted nets of a tight weave. Should an individual needed to be terminated, this can be achieved through the destruction of all skulls in their body.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a species of sapient and animate skeletons. They are capable of integrating any bone into their bodies and feel an instinctual urge to do so, which is comparable to hunger. Of note, they prefer bones from more recently deceased organisms, and will often reject bones from organisms that expired more than a year ago.

The bodies of SCP-XXXX instances are highly variable in shape, size, and exact composition, but are always an amalgamation of bones of varied species. They do not need to utilize bones in a manner akin to the original organism did, often swapping pieces seemingly at random. SCP-XXXX instances often take shapes that don’t match any known species, and frequently form limbs to perform a single action. SCP-XXXX possess sensory abilities roughly equivalent to those of the animals their skulls are derived from, and all are capable of a full range of human vocalizations. The physical strength of an SCP-XXXX is proportionate to body size, but at the size of a human they are vastly weaker than one, and can be easily overpowered by an adolescent.

SCP-XXXX are just as sapient as human beings, and while it is required that they be contained, they are in fact less prone to causing harm to the Foundation that human researchers are. Their sense of morality and value for sapient life are equivalent, if not superior, to those of humans. Violent incidents are extremely rare, and only three have been recorded that were not in response to initial containment. They are more prone to maintaining loyalty and trusting those that help them than human beings are, and as such pose less of a threat to the Foundation while in custody than human staff do.

SCP-XXXX is a nomadic and solitary species, and individuals are rarely seen together outside of containment. A small number of communities do exist though, which have been contained on site. Instances understand the risk of public exposure to humans, and take extensive care to avoid discovery. Normal instances will be panicked and attempt to flee from containment teams, but once assured that the Foundation wishes to keep them secret, they will calm down. The majority of instances regard their quality of life at the Foundation as vastly higher than their previous conditions, and have no reason to breach containment.

Instances normally have around 3000 bones in the wild, and at that number are about 3 meters tall and 3 meters wide, varying based on their current form. After reaching 3000 bones they either stop integrating more bones or begin preparing to reproduce.

In preparation for reproduction, a SCP-XXXX instance will accumulate 500 other bones for each skull in their body. After reaching that ratio, each skull and its accompanying bones will separate into new SCP-XXXX instances. The parent instance essentially dies in the process, as its entire body is converted into new instances. SCP-XXXX instances are all aware they will die in the process of reproduction.

SCP-XXXX instances are noticeably more intelligent than humans are. After only two to three months of English lessons SCP-XXXX instances will be fluent, taking roughly one month longer if they spoke no languages previously. Their ability to retain information is vastly greater than that of humans, allowing them to learn without needing to spend time reviewing information. For perspective, an SCP-XXXX instance was able to complete the entirety of an advanced placement high school course through to a doctorate in physics over only three years.

Addendum XXXX-01: Some may believe the containment procedures for SCP-XXXX to be lackadaisical. In truth, they are if anything overly strict. They love the Foundation. Prior to containment they lead lonely live in constant fear of discovery, but in our custody they can interact with each other and enjoy education and modern comforts. They love the Foundation, and regard them as the saviors of their species.

- Dr. Roxy Overholt