Budgetary Committee Proposal

Proposing a trade. We have something you lost, we want something you have.

dont waste my time with the vague mysterious shtick shel what have you got and what do you want

We’ve got this dog. She’s been a bad girl. Wouldn’t stay on the paper. She has the collar you gave her.

does the bitch answer to the name shock

Yeah. I understand that she made a mess all over your carpet.1

we will take her back in however many pieces as is convenient what do you want for her

She left behind an electronic device in a leather pouch. Mass about two and a half kilograms, in a case made of a yellowish metal alloy. Can you confirm that said article is in your custody and possession?

hold on checking

standby this sometimes takes longer than you would think

while we are waiting how is rachel

She’s fine. Not playing as much tennis since she had the knee surgery. She told me that she and her sister loved that place in Bali that you had recommended, so thanks for that.

great please send her my regards

Will do. How’s Leonard?

dont know i guess you didnt get the news we are not together anymore

Sorry to hear that

dont be

the thing you want we have it we assume its intact but who the fuck knows

We can work with that. Checkpoint Charlie at noon tomorrow? Exchange after mutual inspection and confirmation per Coalition-Foundation Protocol 6C?

your noon my noon or local noon at checkpoint charlie

Shit, sorry. Local noon there.

ok receive my glyph as acceptance of offer [ASSENT CERTIFICATION GLYPH]

[ASSENT CERTIFICATION GLYPH] Pleasure doing business, as always. See you tomorrow