Formatting Sandbox - Requests


How do I describe how I feel about you? I told myself writing this would be easy. I’m a writer, I write all the time, how hard can it be? Turns out, being a horror writer doesn’t really prepare you for writing heartfelt declarations of love, but I’m gonna give it my best shot.

I never expected to fall so abjectly, maddeningly, and absolutely in love with someone. And then I met you. When I look at you, I feel this bone-deep sense of belonging. Of being home, and safe, and sure of myself. I’ve never felt that for another person in my entire life. You are by far and away the best person I’ve ever met at any point in my life. Your empathy, kindness, and love for the people around you, even when and sometimes because they don’t deserve it, is absolutely infectious. By living the truth of how to be a truly caring person, you’ve made me a better friend, a better brother, a better son, a better man, just by being around you.

I used to scoff at the phrase “I married my best friend” but here I am, marrying my best friend. There are things I’ve told you, that I could not entrust to anyone else in the world. Things we’ve worked through that the people closest to me have never even heard me say outloud. I'm never afraid to make myself vulnerable around you, I never worry if you’re going to support me in something crazy that I want to do, and you never judge me when I fall short of the mark. We’re a team, in all things, no matter how crazy or difficult. I never question if you’ve got my back, from dealing with the things that make me anxious, to chasing down pizza guys who called me an asshole. You let me indulge in my frankly absurd hobbies without questioning, when any sane person would question why I would spend as much on a sword as I would on a pen.

I don’t know how to live without you anymore. When you’re away from me, I’m anxious. When you’re upset, I’m nauseous. When you're sad, I’ll do anything to see you happy again. You are the best parts of my heart, and my soul, and without you, I am incomplete. You are the first thing I think of when I wake up, unless Matilda has jumped on my face again. You are the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. You are the strength in my shoulders, the warmth in my heart, and the surety in my purpose.

Janelle, this sword that I wear is called The Oathkeeper. It’s always been the reminder of the promises I made to myself, years ago about how I would live my life. From today on, it’s a reminder of the promises I’m making to you. I vow to love you with all of my heart from now in to eternity. I vow to honor and respect you in all things, large and small. I vow to stand beside you, in sickness and…less-sickness. All I have and all that I am are yours, now and forever. I vow to listen to your questionable taste in restaurants. I vow to be open and honest about anything you ask me, no matter how difficult. I vow to always clean the cat box, even though it grosses me out too. And I vow to stand as your champion whenever you desire, in word or deed, and to sheathe my sword figurative or literal when you ask.

And because you will never let me forget if I don’t ask this, since I apparently didn’t at the proposal (even though I totally meant it by what I said…). Janelle, will you marry me, even with all of my flaws and failings, to be together as one, for all eternity?