Idea Scratchpad

Greetings Skippers.

As pointed out in my project plan the next task to accomplish is the gathering of resources.

In order to do that, we're posting a series of threads to figure out who we have available to use, resource wise, and what skills they possess.

Some disclaimers before you post:

  1. All work done for Project Foundation is on a volunteer basis, and you should not expect, and are not entitled to, compensation of any kind.
  2. Completing work for Project Foundation does not entitle you to any Staff Role or authority on the wiki, or any eventual platform.
  3. If you volunteer your skills you accept that you will most likely have to work under a manager who will assign you tasks to perform. You are free to make suggestions to your manager; however at the end of the day, they will likely have the final say on the direction of your work.
  4. Working for Project Foundation will require a minimum commitment to producing work within a reasonable timeframe as assigned by the project manager, or your manager. Your manager will work with your schedule but ultimately decides expectations on task completion dates.

All of that being said, this post is a call for: Programming and software development.

We are looking for people who can hit the ground running with this area, and be able to perform the required tasks without significant instruction or hand-holding.

If you feel you have skills as a software developer, and would like to collaborate on Project Foundation, please respond below with the following responses:

  • Username: <Your Wiki Username>
  • Experience: <Describe your experience level with software development and how you can contribute to Project Foundation in this area. Please be as detailed as you feel comfortable being, as this will let us know what area to assign you to.>
  • Professional Experience: <Respond here with what professional experience you have with Programming and software development. Not "this one summer I wrote a webpage", but what you've done as a professional, as a job, for compensation. This will let us know who to assign as potential management staff, or more difficult tasks. Please do not mislead us about your skill levels.>
  • Any professional accolades, certifications, or qualifications: <Self Explanatory>
  • Language proficiencies <What software do you know how to write?>