Idea Scratchpad

Most of these don't have 5 articles. They also kind of provide little to nothing about the actual article other than that it somehow involves an animal or plant of a type.

Some tags are just…they apply to like, everything.

Some tags are scientifically correct, but kinda useless from a human-readable standpoint.

Tags which I would like to hear a case for keeping, because they're kinda…meh.

airborne - SCP lives in, moves through, or spreads through the air.

artifact - SCP is or was originally created by humans. Superseded by and mutually exclusive with tags such as appliance, tool, weapon, vehicle, etc.

automaton - SCP is a device or construct designed to operate on its own. Should be applied to anything that can be described as a "robot". Supersedes mechanical. We have 'autonomous' as well.

clay - SCP is primarily or significantly composed of clay.

container - SCP is meant to hold or otherwise contain other material or objects, including decorative vases and other similar objects. Supersedes artifact.

ectoentropic - SCP violates the first and/or second law of thermodynamics by generating matter and/or energy in a fashion that directly violates entropy. Applies to anything that produces energy or matter in an unexplained way. Generally mutually exclusive with extradimensional. This is an important SITE concept, but applies to SO MANY articles, the tag is basically useless.

engraved - SCP is, or has carvings and/or engravings.

exchange - SCP involves or is triggered by some form of exchange of physical or intangible goods, including but not limited to bartering and monetary trade.

extremity - SCP is or affects specific extremities. Use regardless of species.

glass - SCP is primarily or significantly composed of glass.

immobile - SCP cannot be moved via any means known by the Foundation. If this has to do with being anomalously immobile, 'Immovable' would be more appropriate

inscribed - SCP has inscriptions on it, usually in the form of words or numbers. Superseded by engraved and document.

inscription - SCP is an inscription, meaning it takes the form of written or carved words or numbers.

key - SCP is a standard key, or otherwise intended to unlock one or more devices or containers.

mobile - SCP is capable of movement by anomalous means. Generally only applies to objects or entities that are normally incapable of movement. Compare with teleportation. This needs to be defined better. anomalous-movement or something similar, but 'mobile' is like 60% of skips.

swarm - SCP exhibits swarm behavior.