The Lunar Empire

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Special Containment Procedures

Due to the location of SCP-XXXX, no additional physical containment procedures are required at this time.

Lunar Area-32 Staff are to monitor SCP-XXXX through the Diaghilev-Geber array located in the East Alchemic wing at all times. At least one Foundation Alchemist is to be on hand at all times.

In the event of an ASCLEPIUS event, contact R. Diaghilev or Senior Researcher Adebeyo immediately. In the event that both are unavailable, deceased, or [REDACTED], contact the O5 Council, under ASCLEPIUS strictures.

In the event that any of these measures cannot be taken, or a response is not given within 17 minutes, open document SCP-XXXX-ASC-TNGSK and immediately perform all tasks laid out within it.

At this time, there is to be no testing involving SCP-XXXX.


SCP-XXXX is a bipedal humanoid contained within the center of Earth's primary moon (Luna). SCP-XXXX is a member of the previous inhabitants of the Lunar surface (See Addendum 1) Homo Lunaris. SCP-XXXX is an estimated 1.2 meters tall, and between 100 and 125 kilograms. More precise measurements at this time are impossible.

SCP-XXXX's limbs are embedded within the walls of its containment chamber, in what appears to be a chair made of an unknown alloy. Due to the inability to approach SCP-XXXX safely (with very few exceptions), samples of this material are unable to be collected. SCP-XXXX's biological age is indeterminable, and SCP-XXXX does not appear to age, at this time.


Entrance to the cave system where SCP-XXXX is located under Lunar Area-32

SCP-XXXX possesses significant telepathic abilities, the full extent of which are unknown. At this time, Foundation researchers have not been able to enhance the containment procedures of SCP-XXXX's extant containment chamber through any known scientific means.

SCP-XXXX's known mental abilities include inducing hallucinations, nausea, temporary blindness, and at close proximities complete control of organisms possessing a sufficiently advanced nervous system. This mental influence is not affected by distance from SCP-XXXX once established. To date, no subject has recovered from SCP-XXXX's influence (See Psychological Report: N. Reddy - 2011).

SCP-XXXX's mental effects have a tertiary effect upon inhabitants of earth, in the form of violent "intrusive thoughts" generally categorized as a desire to self harm outside of normal mental parameters.

It was conjectured that SCP-XXXX was a significant contributing factor of mental illness currently among humanity, however, this was disproven. (See Document SCP-XXXX-R27-1997). Baseline mental health is not significantly affected by SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects.


Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX's discovery, the Foundation Alchemy department was consulted. Lunar Area-32 was renovated with significant shielding against SCP-XXXX's mental effects, through the application of Alchemic warding.

SCP-XXXX was discovered already contained within its current containment chamber. Materials recoverd from and around SCP-XXXX's containment chamber are consistent with materials found within SCP-287 anomalous components. It is hypothesized that the previous inhabitants of Luna were of the same species mentioned within the texts recovered during SCP-287's containment (See Addendum 4).

The materials discovered within SCP-XXXX's chamber are consistent with the mundane composition of SCP-148, with the exception of an additional 3% by-weight discrepancy of unknown organic material within the alloy. To date, none of the secondary effects of SCP-148 have been observed by these materials.

SCP-XXXX's tertiary effect is the result of incomplete containment by SCP-XXXX's containment chamber. SCP-XXXX's primary effects are estimated to be reduced by between 85-95%, extrapolated from SCP-XXXX's own accounts of its abilities prior to containment, as well as partially translated symbols by Junior Researcher Genuomo. The major result of this containment is the dramatic reduction of the range of SCP-XXXX's mental influence.

To date, Diretor Diaghilev and Senior Researcher Adebeyo have been able to successfully approach SCP-XXXX without being compromised. Any other personnel suspected of being compromised by SCP-XXXX are to be sequestered and reported to Lunar Area-32's current directory immediately.

SCP-XXXX's species is so far consistent with descriptions, and accounts of a significant number of extra-terrestrial encounters in Earth's history.

SCP-XXXX's species has been named Homo Lunaris, and are bipedal, significantly shorter than humans, possessing a similar 23-pair genetic structure to humans.

Homo Lunaris display several anomalous abilities, and are universally capable of the application of Alchemy.

At this time, due to the nature of SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects, significant biological study is impossible.

Attached Addenda

Addendum: Initial Discovery and First Contact

Addendum: Interview Report - November 19, 2009

Addendum: ASCLEPIUS Protocol

On March 15, 2012, the Diaghilev-Geber apparatus at Lunar Site-32 register significantly higher resonances after a period of low-level activity.

Director Diaghilev was called to Lunar Site-32, and entered SCP-XXXX's containment chamber. Sixteen hours later, Director Diaghilev exited SCP-XXXX's containment chamber. Director Diaghilev's report can be seen here:

Addendum: Homo Lunaris

According to texts cited by Senior Researcher Adebeyo, the 'Lunar Empire', existed from an unknown period until around 14,000 BCE. A significant number of primary sources at this time cite a significantly higher incidence of violence and unstable behavior, culminating in bright lights being visible on the moon for several weeks.

The collective writings of the College of Alchemists (the only significant source of information on the Lunar Empire to date) have described Lunarian civilization as an expansionist collective, the exact nature of which is unclear, due to the interpretive nature of the source. Information is generally incomplete regarding early Lunarian civilization, however, the only clear conclusions is that Homo Lunaris did not originate upon Luna.

Members of the species have demonstrated life spans far in excess of human average, as members of Homo Lunaris confirmed living among human populations have [DATA EXPUNGED]. No mention of death due to old age occurs in any records currently in Foundation custody.

Homo Lunaris possesses a vastly different physiology than Homo Sapiens, especially in regards to musculature. A 99.6% genetic similarity between Homo Sapiens and Homo Lunaris suggest a common ancestry.

Director Diaghilev has deciphered several writings recovered from the tunnels beneath Luna, bearing similarities to several esoteric languages associated with the practice of Alchemy, and consistent with those found with SCP-287. An excerpt can be found below:

No references to this "Array" have been found to date, nor has any significant structure matching its description been discovered.

Background radiation found in the tunnels beneath the surface of Luna have lead Foundation researchers to hypothesize that SCP-XXXX directly or indirectly caused these detonations through the application of its anomalous effects.

The below fragment of what appears to be a military report offers the only current information we have regarding the destruction of the Lunarian Empire. The "it' referred to here is hypothesized to be SCP-XXXX:

Addendum 5: Homo Lunaris and Earth

A significant number of myths and legends surrounding the use of magic can be construed as the involvement of Homo Lunaris, including the application of Alchemy before the formation of the College of Alchemists.

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