The Lunar Empire

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Level 5 Clearance Required:



SCP-XXX was discovered in its current containment chamber, and does not require additional containment at this time.

Testing with SCP-XXX is prohibited under Section 1, Condition 1, Paragraph 1 of the Foundation Charter. This prohibition
may not be revoked by unanimous decision of the O5 Council, the current Director of the Alchemy Department, and The Administrator.

Description: SCP-XXX is the last remaining member of the species which inhabited the extra-dimensional area of "Luna". Luna is one of the elemental
cities described in the alchemic writings of (crosslink to alagadda). According to reports by the Foundation Alchemy Department, SCP-XXXX and it's species
were nearly wiped out during a war with three of the other elemental cities: Alagadda, Kormulast, and Q'yphros. (A description of these elemental cities can be found
in document [doc]).

SCP-XXX is 1.7m tall, and weighs an estimated 125 kg. SCP-XXX species has the appearance of a humanoid creature similiar in appearance to humans,
with the exception of significantly longer ears, paler complexion, and a lack of distinguishing occular features. SCP-XXX's species is universally
capable of the manipulation of Alchemic flows (link to finding balance). SCP-XXX is capable of speaking a language it calls "Lunaran", and has learned
English in order to communication with Foundation Personnel. Interactions with SCP-XXX are to be kept to a minimum, and require the supervision of either
Director Diaghilev, or [REDACTED].

SCP-XXXX has demonstrated significant abilities with alchemy, along the same lines as those shown by other practicing Alchemists. This includes
the ectoentropic manifestation of matter and energy, and manipulation of physical objects and reality to accomplish extra-normal feats. The Foundation
Alchemy department maintains this is not anomalous, however, general knowledge of Alchemic abilities is to be supressed for individuals lacking
Level 3 ALCD clearance.

Addendum 1: Interview with SCP-XXX by Agent Nastor and Director Diaghilev, shortly after the establishment of Lunar-area [whatever]

Agent Nastor: SCP-XXX, I'm glad to make your acquaintance.

SCP-XXX: More of you silly humans? Is this what you do now, Lar?

Director Diaghilev: Please address me as either 'Ruslav' or 'Director', SCP-XXX.

SCP-XXX growls in a manner consistent with observed amusement.

SCP-XXX: So that's your name today? What do you want to know?

Nastor: Simple. Why are you locked up here? Who put you in this cage?

SCP-XXX turns and looks at Director Diaghilev.

SCP-XXX: Ask it.

SCP-XXX refused to answer further questions.

At this time, no further information has been gathered regarding SCP-XXX. Additional administrative requirements are detailed beyond.

Level 6 Clearance Required:

If you are reading this, welcome to the inner circle so to speak. You've demonstrated trustworthiness, to the point that
we feel you can be trusted with the Foundation's deepest secrets. Below is a transcription of one of the earliest interviews
between an O5 and Director Diaghilev. I'm not sure when it was recorded. Sometime in the early 1970's.

I hope it's clear why this information cannot be shared beyond those of emminent trust.

Addendum 2: Interview with Director Diaghilev by O5-11 (informal)

O5-11: Director, I'm gonna have to ask you to explain what 'XXX meant during your interview.

Director Diaghilev: I am sorry, Overseer. I am not at liberty to discuss that without clearance from a Level 6.

O5-11 tilts their head slightly.

O5-11: There's only one level 6, Ruslav. Are you saying I need to get permission from The Administrator to talk about this?

Director Diaghilev nods.

Diaghilev: I'm not being obtuse. I don't have…permission to speak about this. It's…complex.

O5-11 exits the interview for seven minutes. Director Diaghilev gets a call. He answers affirmatively. O5-11 returns to the interview.

O5-11: I never exptect to have to ask permission from a superior again, but there you go.

Director Diaghilev: I'm sorry about that. SCP-XXX is a member of the species who once inhabited a city called Luna. It's in a dimension
that also contains Alagadda, and several other 'Elemental Cities'.

O5-11: Okay, so why is it here?

Director Diaghilev: Luna was destroyed, and they came to our dimension to escape.

O5-11: So you're saying these are aliens?

Director Diaghilev: Technically, I suppose. Either way, he's the last physical one. His name is Mordred, and he was the First Citizen of the city.

O5-11 hesitates for several moments.

O5-11: Mordred. Call it a coincidence but that name is—

Director Diaghilev: Da That Mordred. He killed Arthur'Sar prior to his containment.

O5-11: Okay, I'm gonna have to ask the obvious question, how do you know this?

Director Diaghilev: Lunarians have the capaibility to pass on their…soul, for lack of a better word. In Lunarians, it's passing on power and knowledge.
To Humans, its the same, but they can also lay a compulsion on the subject. A task they become dedicated to fullfilling.

O5-11: I'm not sure what that has to do with SCP-XXX.

Director Diaghilev: When I was a young man, I encountered an Alchemist who called themselves "Al-Hayyan". Their true name, however, was Nimue'Lar.
He had the "takwin" of Nimue, one of the two Terrans who escaped to Earth.

O5-11: I…are you telling me that you've got an alien soul inside of you, forcing you to act in a particular fashion?

O5-11 reaches for their cell phone.

Director Diaghilev: Yes. To be put bluntly. You'd find the same in the man who you just requested permission to speak to me.

O5-11 freezes for several seconds.

O5-11: Okay, this is…a lot, Ruslav. Who else is one of these Lunarians?

Director Diaghilev: Karl Ledenoff, owner of Ledenoff Technologies. He broke in and stole a copy of 2522 stored in a robotic body. He has the soul of Morgana.

O5-11: So let me understand this. Mordred, leader of alien alchemists is real, really killed Arthur, and you are Nimue.

Director Diaghilev: That is accurate.

O5-11: So who is The Administrator?

Director Diaghilev: Merlin'gar.

O5-11: I…jesus christ. Okay, this is a lot. This is something that literally none of the overseers know?

Director Diaghilev: They do eventually. You are not the first to sit and have this conversation with me. I'd assume they'd just record it eventually.

O5-11 is silent for several moments.

O5-11: Okay, so, why is…Morgana rampaging around in this Ledenoff's body?

Director Diaghilev: I would imagine that they're trying to find a suitable vessel to transfer Mordred's takwin in to.

O5-11: And they can't just use anyone?

Director Diaghilev: No. Mordred was…unique, event among Lunarians. A human would practically explode from inside.

O5-11: And what would happen if Mordred escaped containment?

Director Diaghilev: Last time Mordred was free, he got an entire plane decimated, his people massacred, and no one could put a scratch on him.
What do you think he'd do to the planet that chained him up for the last two thousand years?

O5-11: I see. You've given me a lot to think about. Thank you for your time.

Addendum 3: A brief history of Luna