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[[module css]]
@import url(

Number Constant ~ Code
1 B´L [[[|B´L]]]
2 ⌈φ⌉ [[[|⌈φ⌉]]]
3 ⌊𝜋⌋ [[[|⌊𝜋⌋]]]

Magnus' stupid shitty mod posting shitpost tools

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[[size 70%]]⚔️//゚・:*☆─ヽ(°▽、°)╯  Fwiiing~! ╰(°、▽°)⊃─☆*:・゚//⚔️[[/size]]

Newbie posts draft in Draft Forums

//゚・:*☆─ヽ(°▽、°)ノ Fwiiing~ Edited!//

//**STAFF NOTICE:** According to the [ Draft Forum Guidelines], please do not post your entire draft in the forums. Make a [ sandbox page], put your draft there, and link it from the current thread (do not make a new thread). An example of a basic draft forum post can be found in the Guidelines. More instructions on how to format an SCP page can be found in the [ How to Write an SCP Guide].//

//If the only copy of your draft is in this post, you can recover the text by clicking the 'Last edited on [dd/mm/yyyy], [time] by [username] Show more' section found in lower right corner of this post. Then click 'Show revision' to find the full draft from before. Copy that full draft and paste it into your sandbox page. Please note that 'Show revision' does not change the post back.//
⚔️ //Magnus//
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 [[size 70%]]>{[[/size]]⚔️[[size 70%]]}<[[/size]]
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